Damask Settee

I bought this settee a couple of months ago at a flea market event.  It looked like thisMy vision was to use it outside.  I sent it home with the person I bought it from at the flea market to have her upholster it for me.  I was originally thinking of doing it in a burlap, or a white twill with some french writing on it.  Then I came across  two fabrics at Home Fabrics for $4.99 a yard and knew they were perfect for the settee.  I sent off the fabric to the seller and I am in love with how it turned out!

As you can see these pictures are not taken of the settee sitting outside.  Once I showed my husband the settee, he absolutely said no to putting it outside, that it was too beautiful to have the outside elements ruin it.  I knew he was right, but darn it, now where was I going to put it?  I moved this puppy around so many different spots in my house.  I have really, really tall ceilings in my house and small scale furniture like this ends up looking like doll furniture in the rooms.  But I think I found it a home.

I never thought this dining room really needed any more furniture in it, but once I moved that round table out of the corner and put the settee there it just worked!

The bummer part is that no one gets to see the cool backside of the couch with the coordinating black ticking fabric, oh well.  I shopped my house and found this tea table to put in front of the settee.  Now that I know it looks good there,  I have decided to paint the table black and add some silver leaf to it.  I want to find a really cool vintage tea set to put on the table and have a friend over for high tea.

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  1. Gourgeuos!

  2. Stunning!
    I have a similar story I wrote about recently! If you’d like to read about it, here’s the link

  3. anything damask I am IN LOVE WITH. This piece is truly stunning, job well done! Jenn

  4. That settee is beautiful! What a great find. I have never been to your blog before…whoa…you live in a fa-reaking mansion! I can’t wait to peruse further and check it out!

  5. Ooooooh! This piece is so lovely and the fabric pattern you picked is absolutely beautiful!! so gorgeuous!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love that settee. I’ve always wanted one like yours. I am really going to enjoy going through your blog. I am still trying to pick my jaw off the floor after seeing your dining room!

  7. this looks so good girl, I love the fabric and the back is awesome, the seller did a great job with it and I love where you put it!

  8. omg goodness your settee is heavenly! i love it so much. it is indeed a similar pattern to my drapes, but so much more prettier in my opinion! i really do love the drapes that i have, but in real life, the color was all wrong for the room. they have a very brown hue to them, which through me off a little. it was really hard to let them go though, because i just love the pattern. if only they were more white/offwhite, then i would probably keep them. thanks so much for your comment today!


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