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I saw this picture on The Painted Hive and feel in love with the sign above the bed.  I searched the Internet, and found a site that makes it, and it was $300!  Ouch.  So off to Home Depot I went to get the supplies to make my own, taking full advantage of their free wood cutting service.  I laid out all my pieces and realized I had an extra piece of wood left over.  Hmmm…maybe I should do a tester board before I jump into this big project.  Plus I needed an excuse to try out my new Circut ExpressionNow I am not one to shy away from something I completely have no idea how to do.  Which would be this sign.  I just went by the seat of my pants, and went for it.  I first printed out the saying in a 2″ real size on my new machine {which I am totally loving!} on white scrapbook paper.  Painted my board with the “oops” $1 paint I picked up on my Home Depot trip.  Then I laid the letters on my board to position them.

Looking pretty good right?  I  used re-positonal spray adhesive on the back of the letters and placed them back on my board and rolled on a layer of Arizona White paint.  I am thinking, “wow this is great, this paint really lays down the letters better than the adhesive!”  I must admit at this point, I walked away from my project maybe a little too long.  My daughter came by  to visit and brought some Nordstrom Cafe Chicken Berry salad for dinner {so yummy}, that made me pretty full so I thought I should relax and watch an episode of Bethany Gets Married I had recorded… and eventually when I came back to peel off the letters, this is what happened to my brainy idea.DUH!!!  Once the paint hit the stencils it saturated the paper.  I guess that is why they use a plastic stencil material when you stencil…live and learn.  I eventually got all the paper off the letters by spraying water on them and then used a heavy rough fabric {sand paper was too harsh} to rub off the paper.  It kinda gave the sign a shabby chic look don’t ya think?  Not what I was aiming for, but now I know what NOT to do for the real sign.  {plus I noticed my spacing of “for my” at the bottom is off} I am hoping to do a tutorial on how to make the big sign, but at this rate, I might have to have someone else give me a tutorial on how to do it.  If you have any crafty insight on how to make the stenciling any easier, pleas feel free to let me know!  I am thinking of using vinyl lettering the next go around…stay tuned.

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  1. let me know when it is time to sign up for the class. I want to be first in line :) You are just WAY too talented!!

  2. The sign looks great! I actually cannot stop drooling over your sconces and chandilier. I love your home!!!!! Everything is beautiful!

    Thanks for the tip about I just signed up. With regards to cleaning silver, I tried boiling the water, 2 tbsp. of salt, and 1-2 cups of baking soda then pouring that onto of silver placed on top aluminum foil. Apparently, the foil and baking soda forms some sort of oxidation which produces a bad sulfer smell while removing the tarnish. Anyways, the silver has to be in contact with the foil. It didn’t quite work so well for the creamer, etc. So, I just used Wright’s silver cream. On the platter, I started to use hand sanitizer without aloe and a cotton ball (I read about it somewhere on the web). It surprisingly worked really well. I don’t know if it hurts the silver or not. Sorry that was so long.

    • Thanks Julie for the cleaning tips! I never thought of hand sanitizer! I tried the foil one, and it didn’t work well either for me. I guess I might have to break out the silver cleaner cream, that always works well but is so messy! My pieces are cheap finds from estate sales, so if I ruin them it won’t be that bad. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love the idea and the way your sign came out! I have been browsing your blog and am loving it! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the actual sign…

  4. what a lovely sign in the bedroom ……great idea

  5. Awww! I love the sign! I want to make one, but bummed be use I don’t want to have to buy a cricut!

  6. I love the colors and typography you used! I am hosting a link party on my blog this weekend about words/quotes (The Weekend Word Search). Please consider stopping by! Your project would be a great addition.

  7. LOVE the sign…. i have seen and been looking at quite a few different ways how to make these because I want to make a BIG sign with San Francisco streets on it for my sister…. but I am trying to find the best and easiest route to go….
    What would you do different next time????

  8. I think it looks fabulous!
    Very Shabby Chic.. Very Cute! And it looks perfect on your mantel. :)

    • Thanks! I just put it on the mantel for taking the picture. I am thinking I might do a give away for this one once I get my big sign done since I have no place to put the little sign.

  9. Your sign is great! I love that the letters are not perfect. I just came over from Tatertots – Your blog is wonderful!


    • Thanks Chelsea! I love tater tots and jello, the Jen does a fab job on her site, she amazes me how she keeps up with everything and her creativeness rocks!

  10. What an amazing site you have and I love your sign! I have a Cricut too…so I may just have to do this at some point. Thank you for your very kind comments about the Board & Batten project I did! Your words put a smile of my face! Have a great week!

  11. I love your sign. I’m printing this out and I’m going to do exactly what you did. I think it will be great in my bedroom and a perfect surprise for my husband. I think I even have a good scrap of wood and the paint as well. Woo Hoo!

  12. I just had an idea…. what if you put on a heavier coat of paint over the stencils and then you could use a power sander. I love my power sander!

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