Mod Podge Tables

This was going to be my original post on linking up to the CSI Project.  But my dresser from yesterday got priority, so I thought today I would show you some things I have done in the past with Mod Podge.  I love that stuff!  I won’t show you ALL the things I have done, cause it would be a long ole post.  But here are some of my favorites.This is what the $5 thrift shop table looked like before I painted it and Mod Podged.  I used fabric on the table top and then used Mod Podge to seal the top.  It is a work horse in my studio, it hasn’t let me down.This ugly side table was an estate sale find for $2.  {sorry about the picture quality, it is the only one I could find for a before picture}I sprayed it with lime green paint and Mod Podged a vellum damask scrapbook paper on top.  I did not Mod Podge this couch  {although that would be cool to do} but I did make a slip cover with a zipper opening, which was very hard for a non sewer to do,  that coordinated with my two Mod Podge tables.Hmmm..recognize the wallpaper?  Yep, that is what I used for the dresser.  It was left over from when I had my studio wall papered.  In case you haven’t noticed, I kinda like damask.  But this is my studio, only I am in it, so I kinda went over the top.  I would never design this much damask in any other room or for a client.  I have to tell you, I love being in this space.  It is very invigorating.  Seriously, if you browse my blog and see the projects I do, look at pictures of my house, parties and events I have done, there is usually some form of damask. I’m an addict for sure!  Visit

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  1. These are all wonderful, Stephanie! I love the tables and that settee is gorgeous! Black, green and pink are colorways I would love to have in a future home office. I love damask, too, but it needs to share me with crowns, chandeliers, black and white harlequin and checkerboard patterns, and fleur de lis. : )

  2. Oh I love damask too! My goodness, you are such an inspiration! I love what you did with the tables, and wallpaper is fantastic. I have never used mod podge, but it sounds like I need to pick some up! I was just wondering, do you use it underneath whatever you’re affixing as well, or just on top as a sealer? Oh and I’m impressed that you made that slipcover as well, how great that you’ve created such a beautiful space for yourself that nurtures and energizes you when you enter it. xo

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  4. Your furniture finds + makeovers are amazing! xx

  5. Mod Podge is amazing stuff eh! I love your little white table and red top. Gorgeous.

  6. So fun Kathy! I am a huge damask fan and pink and green are my favorite colors so I am seriously swooning over your studio. Great work!

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