Laundry Room Knobs and Pulls

When I was designing my laundry room, I knew I wanted to create an illusion of being in a happy place. Let’s face it, doing laundry is boring and so monotonous.   I wanted a bright color, since there are no windows, and something fun to look at.   I chose a yellow for the walls and used lots of white cabinets to brighten up the space.  I even got two small scale chandeliers to glam it up a bit. {oops, just noticed that I have a burned out light bulb!}

I fell in love with this tile and knew it was the “fun” factor I was looking for.  The cool thing was that I could pick each and every color on the tile because they were all hand painted.

I didn’t want to go with standard pulls, so I searched and searched the internet and finally found these cutest pulls ever!

Little shirts and shorts.  So fun!  But while I was browsing, I also saw these.Rather than choose just one style, I decided to use them all.

Aren’t they the perfect match for the clothes tiles.  I am smitten with them all. I had this matching rug on the floor, by Rug Market,  but after 3 years of use and two cleanings it got really worn out and dirty looking.

Then one day I scored this rug at Pottery Barn Outlet for $30!  Are you kidding me? It was a $300 rug!  I grabbed that puppy up so fast, I swear, I felt like I was committing a crime buying it for that price. I took up the old worn out rug and laid my new rug down. I loved how it gave the floor another fun factor to the room, and it is so soft under your feet. {it is a tad bit wide for the area, but I can live with that for that price}

Now that my daughter will have her own laundry room in their new house, she wanted to get some of the knobs I used in our laundry room.  So, just in case you might want to add some fun knobs or pulls to your laundry room, here is the link of where I got them.*** I have updated my laundry room and you can see the post here

Electrolux laundry room

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  1. Hi Stephanie-

    What a fun, colorful laundry room. I am sure it makes doing your laundry a bit more enjoyable. I love the clothepin pulls.

    Thanks for the idea about the pumpkin holder on my blog. I thought about a coat hanger and spray paint , but black pipe cleaners would add just the right texture. Perfect – thanks
    My best- Diane

  2. Your laundry room is so wonderful! I love how light and bright it is and those knobs and tile are fantastic! What a happy place to do laundry!

    I shared it on my TT&J FB page and linked to you :)


  3. Love, Love, Love them. I was a Kitchen Designer in my past life (before becoming a SAHM), and would have SO selected those for a client.

  4. Those little shorts and shirts pulls are my favorite! Too cute!

  5. Love love love the clothespin pulls, I’m a big fan of fun laundry rooms — laundry has got to be one of my LEAST favorite things, so the room should bring a smile to your face!

  6. That isn’t a laundry room, it’s a laundromat, Stephanie! Go you with the three (dryers?) I love the pulls and tiles and completely jealous of your rug score. ;)




  8. Marilyn Stefanich says:

    Where did you get the shirt and shorts knobs? I HAVE to have them. They are wonderful

  9. I was led to your site because I think the clothes pin pulls are super fun. Then, I saw your chandeliers which is just exactly what I am looking for in a bedroom makeover. Do you have a website for them as well?

  10. Hi. I love your ideas! Can you tell me the site you got the tiles from? Thank you!

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