Powder Room Updated

Thought I would give a little update on my daughter and son-n-laws renovation project that has been keeping me so busy.  Wanna see the lovely before of the powder room? If you are squeamish I would scroll down really fast and get to the good part.

Can you see the disgusting flith these people left this place in?  Yuck, yuck yuck.  Now that we have gotten past the grossness, look at the layout of the counter top.  Dont’ you just love the white Formica top, and how they continued the beautification all the way behind the toilet? (they call that a banjo style I guess)  And don’t forget the beautiful octagon mirror that is centered above the sink, and the hollywood style lighting is centered to what?  {Yep that is me in the mirror taking the picture, I wanted to get the whole messy room and that was the only way to achieve it.  Not real fond of this picture, but it is all I had} But not to worry, the powder room is all fixed now.

I had the oak cabinet stained dark, added a quartz counter top (but left off the banjo of course) and moved the lighting to allow for the two sconces that flank the mirror.    The sink and faucet I purchased from Overstock.com, my new bestest friend when you do a remodel. The wall sconces are from Lampsplus.com  I used  a suede wall paper on all the walls, the color is elephant.  I just happened to have some left over from doing my house, which lucky for them was just enough to do their whole powderoom.  And I mean just enough!  The mirror I got at a consignment shop here locally in San Diego.

I decided not to center the sink to the cabinet, it was just a cramped feeling when you were in there all squished against the door washing your hands.  So instead, I put the faucet off center to visually fill the space of the off centered sink.

Staining the existing cabinets really kept the cost down on remodeling this powder room. If you are on a tight budget, {like we were} use your existing cabinetry and freshen them up with paint or stain.  As you can see it makes a huge difference.  I have tons of links of how to paint anything on my “seriously you can paint anything”  Pinterest board, including how to paint red oak to a dark walnut stain like I did to these cabinets.

Before & After Stain your existing cabinets

This place is almost done, and I will have TONS of pictures to show you.  {you can now see them here}This is all the hard part, plumbing, lighting, flooring, painting , cabinets, eliminating walls, and at the last minute adding a brand new Ikea kitchen.  The fun decorating part is soon to start.!  Woohoo!  Oh, and there are beautiful hardwood floors in this bathroom, but there still is paper down to protect the floor since construction is still going on.  Once we get some pictures on the walls and do some accessorizing, I will post more pictures.


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  1. wow! it’s really pretty. I love the dark stain with the quartz counter top. sooo pretty!
    Your daughter is a lucky girl!

  2. Wow, what an amazing transformation! I love that wallpaper!

  3. Oh so fun. We have a banjo countertop in the kids’ bathroom. It will be so nice to eventually replace it like you’ve done.

  4. I am sure you are very busy, but I have the same oak cabinetry and I would love to stain it. Would you be willing to share the process, as well as the stain color you used? Thanks so much!

    • That is a good idea! The cabinets were sanded down to bare wood, and then a stained and spray lacquered. I will find out the type of stain he used, and the formula and post it for everyone. It was a custom stain that he mixed to get the exact color I was looking for, but I will let you know. It sure makes a difference doesn’t it?

  5. Madigan at madiganmade says:

    What a great transformation! Love the sconces and the sink. Very pretty!

  6. Eeeewwwww! That is so gross! Aren’t people embarrassed to leave their place like that??? Your transformation is remarkable; I love it!! Oh, and the best name I’ve ever heard for those “banjo” countertops is from Maria at Colour Me Happy. She calls them “pork chops.” Perfect!

  7. Looks great! I hate that style of countertop, glad you banished it to the land of ugly. The wood looks 10,000 times better stained, too!

  8. Megan {Honey We're Home} says:

    So pretty Stephanie! Suede wallpaper? Tres chic!! The light fixtures and faucet are my favorite. I think it was a good idea to move the sink over a bit- how annoying to always be bumping the door- good move!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Megan. I bet your husband was watching the Charger game and saw our weather. It has been up and down, a real weird year of seasons for us, but today was beautiful.

  9. What a wonderful makeover!! You did a great job, I bet your daughter is very happy with it.

  10. April @ HomeHinges says:

    Great sink and a beautiful makeover. Only one thing…are you sure you had to get rid of the bank-o-bulbs light fixture? Just kidding. I’m hoping I can get rid of a few soon myself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, those bar lights are pretty standard aren’t they? I can’t believe they still sell them at the stores.

  11. Cottageandvine says:

    Your powder room is gorgeous! I love the fixtures and sink.


  12. Julieinspiredbyyou says:

    I love that dark stain. It looks so nice!

  13. Wow. Nice job. I love the sink and faucet, and your placement of it. the formica counter top curving to the toilet was very ” in” in the late 80’s. Funny what was considered stylish in the 80’s huh?

  14. Let’s see the pictures of the kitchen and bath accessorized. We’re all anxious to see those finishing touches and the formula for the stain color. Great job.

  15. Hi, gorgeous makeover! I, too love that stain color. Were you able to find out the brand and color of the products that were used?

    • Unfortunatatley the color was mixed on site. A little bit of this and a little bit of that to get it just the right brown I was looking for. I would say a dark walnut by Minwax would a very good match.

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