Guest House Progress

There will probably be a lot of post on my guest house progress,  as I am moving rather slow on it. But since my last post on the living room area, I have made a little bit of progress to show you.

I had the two parson chairs slip covered

I bought the fabric from OneKingsLane a couple of months back, and the quality of the fabric was unbelievable.Since the damask print was more expensive than the plain fabric, I decided to just use it on the bottom skirt.

I love the subtle strip on the main fabric.  I had these made by someone else, I didn’t even try to attempt it, I know my strengths, and slip covering isn’t one of them. She did a wonderful job.

I bought the table at Pottery Barn.  They had it displayed as a side table next to a couch, but I knew it would be perfect for the little dining area.  I love the wood color and the rustic look of it with the more tailored chairs.

The rug, well it was the perfect color, but the style of it was nothing like I thought.  That is the risk you take when you order on line.  It is a popcorn loop, rather than a plush shag like I thought it was going to be.

I thought about returning it, but then decided it wasn’t so bad, and the color was spot on, so it is a keeper.

I am thinking about getting this lamp from Pottery Barn for the glass side table

and pairing it with this damask lamp shade I bought at Homegoods for $12.99 {overlook the silk flowers, they aren’t staying there}

And then adding a chandelier over the Pottery Barn round table with something like this

Or a little bit more glam like this

So the progress so far is from this
To a freshened up look of this
I still haven’t finished that large cabinet, I need my husband to fix the cabinet door and drawer.  Not his fault though, I keep forgetting to remind him, you know how that goes.

Unfortunately I have to keep those elephant tusks in the room.  I have no where else to put them.  They were never my favorite, hence the reason they are in the guest house. They make a great conversation piece when people come over, they are made with very intricate inlaid ivory.   But to me they are like an elephant in the room {pun intended}




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  1. Those elephant tusks are wild! I do love the chandelier idea. If only I could convince my husband. 🙂

  2. Priscilla says:

    Wow – it’s really coming together. Loving the new look. I love the first chanderlier. Great job.

  3. It really looks freshened up, I love the blue with the neutral background! I love the chairs too – great combination of the subtle stripe and the damask!

  4. hey Stephanie! I love the fabric on the chairs. 🙂 And, I love the table. I like the glam chandy better. (but hey! what do I know?)
    I didn’t notice the “elephant in the room” in the before picture. They seem more noticeable in the “after”.
    Love the color of the rug!
    I look forward to seeing more!

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