Solace in my home

It has been a long week to say the least.  Lots of family issues to deal with, you know how that sometimes goes, it can be stressful.

I have had a lot of nervous energy this week, and needed to find an outlet to calm my nerves.  And that is when I realized that it was my home that I found the most solace, to calm my nerves.

Most people who know me, know I am all about details in design work, almost to a fault.  A room to me isn’t complete unless it has depth.  Layers of fabrics and textures, furnishings with unique finishes, and unique wall treatments .  I mix the old with the new, the custom with the everyday.

But sometimes I get too busy with life and forget to admire all the hard work and details I have poured into our home.

It was 2 1/2 years of long, hard days and a boat load of design work when we re-built our home after it burned down in 2003.   All I could remember thinking during that transition time was that I just wanted to go home.  It just seemed we couldn’t get the house re-built fast enough to get home.   So in my nervous fits last week I found myself randomly staring.  Staring at the details of what I love about my home.  It brought a smile and calm when I saw things like this

The reflection of an old candelabra sitting on my piano

The hand applied crackle finish and gold leaf on this vanity front

My first ever DIY gold leaf mirror that lays against upholstered walls

The acanthus leaf moulding that wraps around the ceilings

The depth of the hand applied silver leaf finish on the stairs

The finish and the detail of the stair shoe molding

Little vignettes of things I have collected

Stepping into this shower and looking up

And remembering how I asked the most talented artist to hand paint the white ceiling for me to match the wallpaper.  These are the things that calm my nerves.  Being home.

Photo’s taken by True Photography for Crea8tive Design Inc.

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  1. Sorry to hear you had a stressy week and happy that you are calmed by the oasis you have created for yourself. I know exactly what you mean – I have to travel for work sometimes and I hate that it takes me away from my home (and my guy of course) when really there is no where else I’d rather be. That’s when you know your home is really ‘working’ for you, no?

    PS the details you’ve shown, by the way, are AMAZING. {Swoon}

  2. You have done such a beautiful job decorating your home. All the little details are so wonderful. My favorite picture? the shower! 🙂 I love water, and that is such an awesome shower, and a fantastic picture.
    I hope that things are good, and that the coming week is much better.
    thinking of you!

  3. So many warm, lovely things! Hoping your week goes better. Happy thoughts your way.

  4. My home definitely isn’t designed nicely the way yours is. Mine looks like a couple of hobos came in and spent the weekend. :s BUT, I understand exactly what you mean. It IS very calming to sit, relax, and take in your “handiwork,” so to speak… 🙂

    I appreciate your creativity, and your sweet comments. 🙂 Thanks for joining the party…was my pleasure to feature you!

  5. Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails says:

    Your home is beautiful. I love the cheesy phrase “theres no place like home.” Its so very true.

  6. Oh I love that photo of the shower…..I wouldnt mind looking up and letting the water run down my face with visions of the blue floral damask and …oh em gee…that shower head! Where oh where did you find that beauty?!

  7. Jami at Freckled Laundry says:

    I COMPLETELY know how that goes. Sorry you had a rough week but it’s fortunate that you were able to stop & reflect on what makes you smile. I love the ornate details in everything you’ve shown right down to that gorgeous shower head and ceiling. Happy that you’re revealing more of your home, Stephanie. I drool over anything silver and that hand applied silver leave (and scroll work) on the stair rails is breathtaking.

  8. Julie @ Inspired by you says:

    You have surrounded yourself with such beautiful things. It does seem to be a gorgeous oasis you’ve created. I especially love the molding wrapped around the ceiling. It is the beauty in your decorating that inspires me!

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