Upholstered Headboard has a twin

Wow, blogland never ceases to amaze me!  It as if my world has become bigger but yet smaller.  Case in point. Two things happened last night while I was trying to catch up on my reader.

The first thing was,  I was scrolling through FindingFabulous posts , I saw that she announced a winner for her give away on June 15 (yes, I am that behind).  I read that it was Judy from DIY by Design, another blog I follow.  I was so excited, so I went to congratulate Judy on her blog, and noticed she hadn’t posted anything about her win.  I mentioned it in my comment and guess what?  She had NO clue she had won!  I was pretty darn excited for her, and that I was able to be the bearer of good news.  I had no clue she followed FindingFabulous, and what were the chances out of all the entries for that giveaway it would be someone I knew.  Weird.

The second thing that happened, was a master bedroom feature on Justagirl that I fell in love with.

Isn’t this room gorgeous?  It is from Haley at The Hills As I was reading through her process of design, she described the fabric she used on the headboard.  The look, the description of the headboard sounded just like the one I did for Shanon and Nate for their master bedroom

I just had to know, did we make we make same exact headboard?  Is there a twin to my headboard somewhere across the country? It looked like the same shape, same fabric, same nail head… so I contacted her.   And sure enough it was the same!  Who would of thought two people who never met, would come up with the same concept and fabric!  See what I mean about blogland being so big yet so small?  {Oh and by the way,  I will never, ever do upholstery tacks again, unless they are the strip kind.}

But what is even more weird, is that Shannon loves grey and yellow, and wanted to do her master bedroom in these colors, but Nate wasn’t so hot on it.  He likes blue, so Shannon compromised and went with grey and blue.  And she really, really wanted a stencil on the wall behind their bed, so I ordered the stencil, but it was the wrong kind.  It was a reverse pattern stencil, meaning if we wanted to have white outlines of the pattern, the wall needed to start out white, not blue.  So we never did the stencil. But if we would of, it would look just like Haley’s but in blue and white…weird.

The other side of Haley’s room looks like this

The other side of Shannon and Nate’s bedroom looked like this

Both rooms have long dresser with a tv  and a drywall niche in the wall.  So similar it is freaky!  We had the niche enclosed with some cabinet fronts though for storage  { the wood cabinet is now  been painted white}

I sure hope seeing Haley’s bedroom doesn’t make Shannon want to change to grey and yellow!  She is in that nesting phase of her pregnancy and is a woman on a mission to get her house in order.

And since I am showing  pictures of their master bedroom, I wanted to show you what we put on the dead space above their door

These numbers are their wedding day.  The numbers are those plastic ones that they used on old gas station signs. I love it. {plus Nate can never have an excuse that he forgot their anniversary lol}  You can kind of see their wedding portrait hanging in the hallway.

Identical upholstered headboards

I am kind of thinking, that the whole coincidence of the similarities of Shannon and Haley’s master bedroom and me knowing the winner of the giveaway reminds me of the six dregree of seperation, does it you?  And who would of thought that it would apply to blogland…weird

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  1. This cracked me up.  I think there are several less degrees of separation here!

  2. What a coincidence!  🙂   both great rooms and headboards.
    I wish bloggers would contact winners instead of making them “see” that they won.  🙁  Whenever I see that someone wins, I always contact them, just in case!
    Been thinkin’ about ya!  Hope you’re having a good week!

  3. Wow, it is a small world.  That is so cool!  Very similar!  Love both spaces. 

  4. Small world, indeed! That is so weird…but cool! 

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