A sweet 4th of July

This year we couldn’t of gotten any sweeter for our 4th of July barbeque.  It all  started when I got an invite from my friend Gail at myrepurposedlife, for Pinterest.  {ADDICTING I tell you!}  So I started pinning. And pinning and pinning…and then I pinned these really cool ice cream cone cupcakes. So since I am not a baker, {don’t let my pins on baked goods fool you} and my sister is, I quickly emailed her the picture with a suggestion that these would be really cool for 4th of July {hint, hint}  She didn’t really say much, so I figured she didn’t like my idea.

Well I was wrong.  My sister out did herself this year on her sweets she brought for our 4th of July barbeque.   She blew me away when she arrived.  Look at what she made!

THE CUTEST! EVER 4th of July ice cream cone cupcakes.  Red velvet even!

With a cherry on top.  So cute right?

But that wasn’t all!  Check out these super yummy chocolate cupcakes she made {oh and I told her if she was going to bring cupcakes, could you make them festive?  {Rude I know, but hey she is my sister who else could I say that to? I am the decorator and she is the baker, I just wanted to make sure the display of my dessert table looked good lol}

They were so good too!

Pretty great sister huh?  Well it gets better.  She made some pies too!

My husband said it was the best cherry pie he ever had.

And the apple pie she made was just as mouth watering as the cherry

She out did herself don’t you think?  Made my store bought treats look pretty much…store bought.  Like I said she is the baker, I am the decorator.

But I did attempt to make some mini dessert shooters.  I picked up the mini dessert glassware at PierOne,  and decided it would be fun to make some different varieties.  Of course most of my ingredients weren’t homemade like my sisters, I hooked up with Betty for these {as in Betty Crocker}

Cheesecake minis, chocolate mouse shooters and trifles

Combining my decorating touch and my sister’s baking skills, we had us one awesome looking dessert display

We did have regular food of course!  Hot dogs, hamburgers, potatoe salad etc. and lots of good company and fireworks.  But the desert table was the hit of the party.

It is all about design with me when it comes to parties, which works out great because I can I know I can leave the baking up to my sister.  A big thank you to my sister Cindy, she did an awesome job!


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  1. hey there!  I had to open up a different browser!  crazy, huh?
    I love everything about your dessert table!  Cindy sure is talented, and if the stuff tastes half as good as it looks, then she must be a great cook too!
    Very clever to take a picture of the pie with a slice taken. It looks really appetizing that way!  
    You are getting great with that new camera.  The pictures are gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. It is not fair to be reading this right now…there are so many yummy treats here, and my tummy is rumbling.  

  3. Wow!  That must have taken all day to prepare!  Gorgeous spread.  I love your presentation skills.  You and your sister made some awesome treats!  Yum. 

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