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Thanksgiving is over, Christmas shopping and decorating begins…didn’t we JUST do this?  A year goes by way too fast doesn’t it?

I had a glitch last week during my wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, my camera up and broke!  My right hand man is now stuck on the shutter release mode…boo hoo.  Good thing is there are a lot of deals on new cameras right now to be had, so I am shopping for a newer one.  I haven’t even looked into fixing my camera. Even though my Nikon is only 4 years old, it just seemed so ancient once I started looking at the newer models.  I am asking my husband for a new one for Christmas.  But an EARLY Christmas present, like next week early Christmas present, I can’t go a whole month without a camera!

So now all I have is my iPhone camera to use.  That isn’t saying much since I have the oldest version of an iPhone and the camera isn’t half as good as the newer ones.  My daughter Tiffany told me to downloaded the Camera + app.   Let me tell you, it has a lot of bells and whistles that can make any picture look good!

I am so glad I have a daughter who is tech savoy.  I have been lost without my camera, and she saved the day.  Tiffany takes a lot of pictures with her iPhone {she has the newer version, yeah, what’s up with that? } and she edits them right on her phone and puts them on Instagram. She is a very good photographer and very cre8tive with her composition.   If you do Instagram, you can follower her, Pandatiff, she loves followers!

So now that I have the Camera + app installed on my iphone, I wanted to show how great my pictures are turning out and some projects I am working on.

This is a sign I made out of wood shims.  It is going to be put on a vintage suitcase dog bed I am making for a friend.  I can’t wait to show you how I did this!  So easy and cheap to do.

All you need is love..and a dog sign

This picture I took of cabbage rose in my yard

Pink cabbage rose

Now this is random.  I couldn’t believe this shadow as I was standing in my driveway.  The shadow is me, and when I looked down at my tennis shoes, I said out loud “yeah, I wish my legs were that skinny!”  So I snapped a picture cause my legs will NEVER be that skinny, I want to savor the moment forever.

shadow of legs

Another project I am working on is doing an advent calendar for Layla.  We have a ton of these little plastic jars that hold plastic gloves for coloring hair.

Plastic bottles

I put fabric on them and added some embellishments and a little treat inside.

Advent calendar bottles
Advent calendar bottles

They will be put in an old vintage Coke crate that looks like this

coke cola crate

Coke crates have exactly 24 slots, how perfect is that?  I am almost done with all 24.  I have to mail these to her, so I better hurry!

plastic advent calendar bottles with fabric and trim

Aren’t these great pictures from a phone camera?  I tell ya, if you have an iPhone get the Camera + app, you won’t be disappointed.

{I am not getting paid to promote this app nor any compensation, just passing along a great tip}



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  1. ohhh man!  a camera is NOT suppose to break anytime, but certainly not around the holidays!!!
    I have a new camera on my list too!
    Don’t have an i phone, but I do take a lot of pictures with my phone, but then just upload them to the computer.  Tiffany edits ON her phone, that’s amazing!  (Jamie uploads pics to instagram too, love looking at ’em)
    Your pics are great, I can’t wait to see the dog bed!
    love the shadow picture.  hehehe you silly girl!
    those little containers are perfect for little treats for layla’s advent!
    thanks for sharing,
    take care stephanie!

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