My room got picked for the Apartment Therapy Color Contest!

Wow, I am so darn excited!  On a whim a couple of weeks ago, I decided to enter one of my designs in the Apartment Therapy Color Contest.  I didn’t hear anything right away, and actually forgot about it.  Then this morning I got an email from them saying “Your entry has been selected for Apartment Therapy’s Room for Color Contest. ”  What? Really?  Awesome!  Then I read what this entails to be in this contest…

“Readers have the opportunity to choose your entry as a “favorite” through noon (EST) on November 21, 2011. The top rooms (receiving the highest number of “favorites”) in each of the National divisions (North, South, East, West) will become our Regional finalist winners and will move on to the next round of voting to determine the Grand Prize winner.”

Oh dang!  Really?  I have to beg, plead, bribe my followers, family and friends to vote for me?  Daunting, I tell ya.  I guess I should of really thought of that before I entered.  Then again, I didn’t really think they would pick my room.

But you know what?  I have this little dream to get one of my designs published before I am 50.  I turn 50 in January.   Sigh.  The end of my 40’s.  Since I haven’t ever really made any effort to pursue this dream and January is creeping up on me, this would be just as good if not better than getting published.   Apartment Therapy is big time, so I would be just as fulfilled with having my design on their website as the winner LOL  {look at me dreaming of winning the whole thing!}

So if you are so inclined, I am now asking if you would take the time to go over and vote for my room here or

You can just copy and paste this url to go vote

One last thing. If you would want to share this link on your Facebook or Twitter that would be appreciated as well.  I am a little behind on the votes compared to the other contestants, so I could really use the extra shout outs.  Thank you in advance, I really appreciate your help.

Orange and Turquoise Room for Apartment Therapy Color contest

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  1. says:

    congrats!! i just voted!!

  2. This is wonderful Stephanie! Congratulations for being picked! The room is so fun and colorful! I just voted and also tweeted about it!

  3. wow!  I see my daughter beat me to the punch!  I’m really behind in my blog reading!
    I am so excited for you stephanie!   Great Room!!!

  4. Kristy Swain says:

    Voting!  Of course.  Congrats!!

  5. Confessionsofacurbshopaholic says:

    Hi Steph.  I just signed up over there and liked your room too. It’s amazing!

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