Martha does it again!

I have a love/hate relationship with Martha Stewart.  Her Martha Stewart Living magazine and web site are FULL of inspiration and great ideas for decorating cooking and parties, which I love.   But then sometimes I look at it all and think I am such a failure, so then I hate Martha {not really hate, but strongly dislike is a better word}.  I have heard, that her daughter has said, that she loves her mom but… she gets on her nerves as well, with her tips, tricks and decorating.  SO that makes me feel better.

This year I started digitally subscribing to a couple of magazines.  Another love/hate relationship I have.  What is nice, is that I always have the magazines at my finger tips via my iPhone or my iPad. But, unlike a paper magazine that you can see sitting on your table, the magazines are kept in a neat app on your device.  So I don’t see them until I click on the app.  Which means I forget to read them…

I just got the latest digital issue of Martha Stewart Living.  It would say it was a pretty good issue, nice recipes, an article about sugar, exercising, you know the usual.  But then it got swoon worthy when I clicked to turn to page 99.

Martha Stewart-magazines knitted barstool covers

via Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Check out those stools!  The are knitted slipcovers.  So stinkin cute!  Wish I liked to knit, because on page 128 they give you the instructions on how to make them.  {so Martha!} I am also loving the legs dipped in a tad of color.  Oh I would buy these for sure if someone sold them.  I love the texture and the inviting cozy feel you get looking at them.

Then I turn the page and see this!  A knitted quilt with a linen duvet underneath it.  Not to mention it is grey and mustard, one of my two favorite colors.

knitted bedspread from Martha Stewart Living Magazine

via Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Oh baby, it has been so cold here in San Diego, I would love to cozy up to this bed at night.  Instructions are given as well on this one.  Sigh, if only I knitted.

Still waiting on my new Nikon camera.  Evidently Tawain was flooded back in October, which included the Nikon factory.   So product is really low right now with all the retailers in the States. It was hard to find the one I wanted at the price I wanted.  But yahoo!  It should be here on Friday.  Here is a glimpse of what I will probably bombard you with when I get to play with my new camera

Xmas decorations

Xmas Decorations

Christmas is only 11 days away, can you believe it?



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  1. Martha is amazing!  I’m ready to be bombarded with Stephanie design envy.  🙂  Hooray for a new camera.

  2. LOL! I feel the same way about Martha….she is so effortless in all of her creative majesty. Beotch. haha.
    I pumped for you and your new camera!! We all better be prepared to be blown away by your awesome pics 🙂

    ps – i wish I could knit too….boo 🙁

  3. Very cute stools!
    I have tons of things I should be looking at in books and magazines!  I have Jamie’s design sponge book here, that she will be taking back after Christmas.  I haven’t even looked at it in the weeks and weeks it’s been here. 🙁
    I can’t wait to see all your Christmas decor when you get that new camera!  🙂
    ps I knitted once, almost finished a sweater–  almost!

  4. I totally feel you on Martha Stewart. I cannot imagine having her as a mom lol, I think she’d drive me nuts as well. But I do love reading the magazine for all the inspiration and much like you fell in love with the knitted stuff in there! I do knit but found myself wishing I had more time.
    Having that said, I guess I could knit that throw piece by piece and just take my sweet time with it…hmmmm.
    Oh and if you ever see a stool that you think could do with a knitted cover, I can knit one for you!! That is a promise! It would be a quick and easy project.

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