Santa Hat & Parfait Desserts

I have a lot of talents, but one of them is NOT baking.  But now with Pinterest and all the eye candy of anything and everything to bake, I pin really cute desserts, as if I am a baker.  So when I was going to go to my friends Christmas party on Saturday, I offered to bring a dessert.  She had said that she was going to make theses Santa Hat brownies off of Pinterest but didn’t think she could find the time to make them

Santa Hat Brownies

“No problem” I said, “I will bring them!”  She was SUPER excited.  I decided to follow this recipe which seemed simpler because they used melted white chocolate chips for the white on the hat

I was hoping to buy ready made brownies, but decided, like an idiot,  to make my own,  Well,  in my baking skills kinda way, from a box mix.   To eliminate cutting out circles from a large pan of brownies,  I decided to pour the batter into mini cupcake pans.  Fail.  Where I went wrong I have no idea. I greased the pan, I pre-heated the oven, I left them in for as long as the box said.  When I took them out of the oven, they were hard as a rock,  and wouldn’t even come out of the pan with a sharp knife! Seriously, I am so not a baker!

I had also decided to make some Christmas styled parfaits that I pinned on Pinterest.

Christmas parfait

Christmas Parfaits

So while the brownies were baking, I made a red velvet cake {boxed mix}.  Again, following all the directions to a “T”.  Yeah, well, that didn’t turn out so great either.  The whole bottom of the cake was burnt.  Here it was 6:00 in the evening, I hadn’t showered, and the party was an hour and I at this point had NO dessert to bring.  So like I always do when something doesn’t turn out the way I had planned, I try to think of a plan “b”

Since I already had the strawberries, all I needed was a bottom to sit the strawberries on and some type of white top for the hat.  And it came to me.  Oreo cookies!  I always have those on hand and today was no exception.  I pulled apart the oreo cookie very carefully keeping the thin frosting part in tack on one side of the cookie.  I put the strawberry on the top of the icing, and split a tooth pick in half and attached a mini marshmallow to the strawberry.  I really didn’t know how these would taste, so I figured I better display them really cute, since that is one of things I am actually good at, unlike baking.  I added red and green sprinkles to the dish along with some white snow like sprinkles.

Ta Da!  My “plan b” Santa Hats

Oreo Santa Hat dessert

Oreo Santa Hat dessert

Now that those were done, I needed to finish my parfaits.  I decided to cut the burnt part of the cake off and cut the good part into cubes.  I used the rest of my strawberries, and added vanilla pudding {colored with red food coloring}.  I just layered them in cute glasses that I had used for my parfaits on 4th of July.  I topped these off with the other half of the Oreo cookie I had left over.  I ran out of vanilla pudding, so I made a cool whip with white chocolate pudding for the remaining parfaits.  Crumbling up the over-cooked-brownies as a topper.

And just in case they might not of tasted good, I made sure the presentation was super cute.  I added Martha Stewart Christmas tape around the small glasses and glued together some felt into a santa’s hat to the plastic spoon like the original pinterest picture.  And then set them on my “go to” cake stands.

Christmas ParfaitThese are the only pictures I have of my “plan b” desserts.  Since I was running so far behind, I wasn’t able to get out my NEW camera and take pictures.  My friend took these for me at the party.  And oh yeah, SHE LOVED them.  As did everyone else.  I think it was the presentation really.

But if you aren’t a baker like me, I think my Oreo version works just as good, and is just as cute.  Except either you have to tell people to watch out for the toothpick when they bite into them {like I did at my friends party} or add a little frosting or something to the marshmellow to make it stick to the strawberry.  I think I am going to stick to decorating, and leave the baking to my sister, who really is the baker in the family.

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