Master bedroom post updated thanks to Pinterest

With all the Pinterest explosion, I have noticed that some of the items that are pined are from 3 years ago or more.  That is the cool thing about Pinterest, you see things you would of never seen before.   Now we have a platform that lets us view beautiful rooms, recipes, DIY projects and more.  As we all know, an hour goes by like a minute when you are on Pinterest, or is that just me?  We see stuff we probably would of never seen with our old school ways of reading selective blogs or browsing our favorite shops.

I noticed recently that pinterest users come over to my blog for the first time and then start browsing, love that!  But then they start pinning some of my older content, nothing wrong with that right?   But it made me realize that I needed to take the time and go back and make my pictures bigger {with my new layout my pictures are smaller on all my older posts} and add my watermark {something I didn’t do in the beginning and learned the hard way that it is a must so people don’t steal your pictures and use them as their own}.  This is a tedious process, so slowly I am going getting some done.

Since it takes me just as long to go back and fix up an older post, as it would for me to do a new post,  I thought I would re-post them as I do them.

This is our Master Suite that I posted about back in August of 2010

Masterbedroom Suite

I have been meaning to post pictures of our master suite, but put it off because of this….

Masterbedroom Suite Fireplace

In some of the pictures I took the lamp shade was crooked!  So I put this post on the back burner.  I never got around to taking more pictures, and that was four months ago.  Today,  I decided to forget about the silly lamp shade and share with you our master suite.

Masterbedroom Suite carved bedMasterbedroom Suite molding detail

One of my favorite details in our bedroom are the walls. They have a beautiful layered background base with a hand painted cream stencil on top. The swirl design mimics the burnout sheers in the room

Masterbedroom Suite handpainted wallsMasterbedroom Suite wall detail

The dental molding that surrounds the room also hides the hardware for the drapes and the sheers.

Masterbedroom Suite dentil molding with curtains

All the drapery treatments are motorized and can be opened and closed easily from any wall switch in the room, I love that feature.

The carrera marble fireplace  was something my husband and I bought at an auction in Atlanta. It is super heavy, and since our master bedroom is on the second floor, we had to reinforce the floor just for the fireplace.

Masterbedroom Suite fireplace detail

I love the texture and gold finish on the vintage candelabras that sit on top of the fireplace

Masterbedroom Suite vintage candelabras

Masterbedroom Suite fireplace sitting area

It is such a treat that we have two sitting areas in the room. One in front of the fireplace, and the other in front of the slider that leads to the backyard.

Masterbedroom Suite sitting areaMasterbedroom Suite overstuffed chairs

The entry doors are hand painted with a stippling technique with applied moldings

Masterbedroom Suite carvings on the door

I just love the style of these chairs, the pleated skirt on the ottoman and the gold leaf finish on the legs that matches the scroll work on top.  They are even more comfy to sit in, nice and roomy and oh so soft.

Masterbedroom Suite sitting chairasterbedroom Suite ottoman

The armoire holds the TV

Masterbedroom Suite tv cabinetMasterbedroom Suite

The antique chandelier is one of my favorite elements of the room

Masterbedroom Suite crystal chandelier

This is the doorway that leads to the master bathrooms

Masterbedroom Suite

I hope someday to get around to taking some pictures of this area.  It will be my motivator to pretty up the closets and and make the shampoos and toiletries disappear in the shower.

Well here it is April of 2012 and I am just starting to spruce up my closet….oops, guess it wasn’t high on my priority list huh?  Did anyone else notice how many times I used the word “love”?  I guess I love my master bedroom lol

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  1. I LOVE your master bedroom too!  The molding hiding the hardware is great!  🙂
    Love the two sitting areas, and that pretty chandelier.  What a beautiful space to wake up to every morning.  Happy you shared this with us Stephanie!
    ps love that blue pillow… so sweet and charming!

  2. I overuse the word love too….and I love love love love love love love love your master bedroom. You did a beautiful job designing this space. The marble fireplace is heavenly. Your chandelier would provide enough light for my entire home. Beautiful. I think you’re safe with that crooked lampshade. 😉

  3. Carol jane says:

    Very pretty, but way to gaudy for me. Just do not like the gold.

  4. Patricia Kovacich says:

    This room looks beautiful and elegant. I picture a bride and a group of women getting ready for a wedding in this giant room with tons of seating. 🙂 Do you ever actually hang out in here and sit on this furniture with anyone? 

    • How funny Patricia, we had my daughter’s wedding here and we did get pictures in this room. I only hang out with my husband in there 🙂 And we do sit on the furniture and chat quite often.

  5. That space is drop-everything-and-gawk gorgeous.  What a heavenly place to live.   

  6. Beautiful Stephanie. Your home is so elegant. I don’t think I would ever want to get up if I woke up in your bedroom 🙂

  7. I love how versatile you are with designs.  Beautiful room!  I love the moldings and the fact it hides the drapery equipment.  Love the little details that you so thoughtfully added such as the candelabras.  Cracked me up that the crooked lampshade kept you from sharing.  Doubt I would have even noticed.  Yet, i’ve felt that way about sharing – photos I shared today have imperfections because I miss things until reviewing the shots and then there is no time to retake photos.  It looks great!   

  8. KristenK says:

    Um, that’s the biggest master bedroom I’ve ever seen!! Fabulous – how do you keep it so clean???? LOL 🙂 

  9. Your master suite is beautiful! Can you kindly tell where you got this beautiful caryatid fireplace from??

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