One King’s Lane starburst mirror

I subscribe to the One Kings Lane’s emails to get their daily sales.  A lot of their stuff is pretty pricey, but they also have some reasonable items that I find affordable.

One item I kept looking for was a 24″ starburst mirror for our river house.  They seemed to have a variety of these mirrors pop up on their sales, but they were $200 and up plus an outrageous amount for shipping.  But I kept looking every day, just in case.  And sure enough I found one that was affordable and the exact size I needed.  $59 plus tax and shipping.  You know what I always say…Score!

Even though I originally wanted the finish in gold and this one was dark brown,  I knew I could easily gold leaf it if I needed to

One Kings Lane Starburst Mirror

But once I got it up I liked it just the way it was.  Whew, one less project to do! I love how it reflects the cabinetry in the mirror.  Have you shopped One Kings Lane and found any deals?


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  1. Gorgeous! I’m in the market for a gold sunburst mirror about that size too…

  2. yay!  I love a great deal!  🙂  the mirror looks great!


  3. Hooray for a budget friendly find!  

  4. Not on One Kings Lane, but I found this starburst mirror on Amazon and I love it!  How can you beat the $12.00 price??

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