An Ikea step stool makeover

This weekend I did a quick and easy step stool makeover to use in my closet.  Being that I am height challenged {short}, it makes it difficult {impossible} to reach all the high shelving in my closet.  I decided I needed a cute step stool that I could utilize and organize my closet better.  After shopping around, I found there are no real “cute” stools to be had.   It was time to come up with my own DIY cute version.

So off to Ikea I went. What better place to find something that you can spruce up and make your own inexpensively? And wouldn’t you know it, they had the perfect stool for $39.99.  It’s called the Ingolf stool.

Ikea Ingolf stool

Technically it is a stool to sit on, not a step stool, but the height was perfect for a shorty like me.  I already knew how I wanted to make this stool more glamourous.  I had pinned this bench on 1stdibs  a while back

1950's Gilt Iron Bench

Funky and fun right?  And $4200.  I knew this was the look I wanted to achieve, but on a way smaller scale and price.

Luckily for me, Ikea also had this faux sheepskin rug for $9.99.  A perfect knockoff for the top of my step stool.  Sold!

faux sheepskin rug

Rather than go all gold on the legs like the inspiration picture, I chose to bring in some coral along with the gold.  I used Krylon’s Coral Isle in gloss from Joann’s

Krylon Coral Isle Gloss

I sprayed painted the coral on all the legs of the stool before assembling it.  Once I got the stool put together, I went for the new “dipped” look everyone is doing.  I used Liquid Gold paint, in classic gold, on the bottom 2″ of the legs.

And here she is

Ikea stool makeover

I love the faux fur on the top, it is so cozy on my feet when I step on it.  I cut the rug in half and stapled it on after I put the stool together.  That made it way easier so that I didn’t have to worry about the fur getting in the way when I screwed the top on.

Dipped leg Ikea stool

It fits perfectly in the corner of my closet

closet stool

The white chandelier is new too.  Do you like it?  I’m not gonna lie, I’m in love, I mean really in love, with the glam of that chandelier.   I also plan on replacing the cushion I have in there now with a tufted seat and back in a coral velvet.  The rug I stole from my laundry room.  I wanted to see how the deeper turquoise color and the abstract shape of the runner looked with the lighter turquoise damask wallpaper. Now that it is in my closet I don’t think I will be taking it back to the laundry room.

Even though I used this stool as a step-stool, wouldn’t they be fun to makeover for a kitchen table?  You could easily staple a cute fabric on the top rather than the fur.  The possibilities could be endless!

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  1. Stephanie that is adorable. Would have never thought to put the sheepskin on like that… great idea…. gorgeous makeover.
    Your closet looks better than my house.
    LOOOOOOOVE that chandelier… is that from IKEA too? I am looking for a new light for my bedroom and I can’t find anything that screams at me to buy it, yet.

  2. Kelly @ Corner of Main says:

    That is so cute! I love the painted legs, and your closet is beautiful!

  3. Cute! And OH MY GOSH! I am absolutely in love with your closet! Gorgeous!

  4. loving your spin on the stool! Fabulous chandy! I love your closet. The tufted seat will be beautiful.
    you are so talented, with such a great eye!

  5. Jill McKee says:

    I’m insanely jealous of your gorgeous closet!! Everything about it is perfect. Because you’re so cute, I’m not going to hate you. 🙂 LOVE the stool makeover!!

  6. Pam @ Simple Details says:

    It was a cute little stool to begin with, but oh my goodness I love how you gave it some glam! Ikea is the best! I remember your closet was one of the first posts I read of yours…to die for! 🙂

  7. That is an adorable stool! I love it! Hey I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award, check it out here:

  8. How did you dip the legs so evenly

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