Hula hoop ornament wreaths

Have you seen all the ornament wreaths everybody’s doing?  I think they are so pretty and festive.

Ornament wreath via living artfullyvia Living Artfully

I  have been dying to make two for our front doors. But the standard size would be too small because our doors are large. I would need at least a 30″ foam and those aren’t cheap and easy to find.

Then I saw Kate’s from Centsational Girl tutorial on how she made her beautiful ornament garland. I just love her style and the colors of her mantle.  


And then an idea came to me.  I could make an ornament wreath as big as I wanted by stringing them on to wire like she did for her ornament garland.

I already had the ornaments on hand, and using Kate’s tutorial I made an ornament garland until I had a enough  to form a 30″ circle.  {Kate’s tutorial on how to string the ornaments was super easy, I think by doing it this way rather than gluing them on individually saved me a ton of time}.  But the ornament garland wasn’t stable enough to keep a circle shape.  It needed something behind it. So I sat and stared at it for awhile.  Anybody else do this when you get stuck?  And then my husband walked into to the room.  All I can say is, thank God I married an inventor.  He asked what I was doing with the garland and I told him my dilema, and he instantly said, why not use hula hoops?  Woohoo! Problem solved.  Love that guy.  Off to Walmart I went and picked up four $5 kid size hula hoops {got 4 just to be safe which turned out to be a life saver in the end}.

I had no clue how I was going to actually make the wreath so the whole process was a trail and error.  Making the second ornament wreath was a breeze once I figured out all my mistakes.

Hula hoop ornament wreaths

Ta da!  Two large ornament wreaths, just like I wanted.

I posted progress pictures on my Facebook page and I had some questions on how I did it.  So I thought I would do a tutorial {plus save you the headaches of how not to do it} Since this wasn’t a planned tutorial all the pictures are from my iPhone, sorry about that.

Hula Hoop Ornamental Wreath Tutorial

Here are the supplies I used to make the hula hoop ornament wreath

hula hoop ornament wreath supplies

Your choice and color of ornaments

You will need a total of about 325 ornaments for this size of wreath.  I got mine at Walmart and they are plastic.  I chose to use all medium sized ornaments, but you could experiment with different sizes.

First I wrapped the hula hoop in glittery ribbon {mistake number one, it gets ALL over the place} I knew the hula hoop would show from the sides and maybe through the ornaments, so I wanted to match one of the colors I was using so it would blend in.

Wrap hula hoop with ribbon

Then I took craft wire and attached it to the covered hula hoop

attach wire to hula hoop

I used 4 different colored ornaments.  There were 41 of each color, 164 total and I used every single one of them.  It is important to make sure your ornaments are as close together as possible.

String ornaments

This is how it looks as I added ornaments to my wire.  This wreath will be flat on the backside, so you have to make sure the ornament balls just lay on the hoop, not fall through the backside. Keeping it tight really helps keep the balls to lay just on top of the hula hoop. Also, you have to work on this with the hula hoop laying on a flat surface.  I first tried attaching the ornament garland with the hula hoop hanging and that was a disaster.

Once I had all my ornaments on the hula hoop, I did adjustments to make sure that the strand was centered on the hoop.  I wrapped the left over craft wire to the hula hoop.

Ornament hula hoop

Then I glued the ornaments that were touching the hula hoop.  I slowly lifted them up just a tad and insert my glue gun tip and gave it a shot of glue and pushed the ornament back down on to the hoop

Glued ornaments

I was so excited to have the hula hoop wreath done I ran outside and hung it on my door…

single hula hoop ornament wreath

And I didn’t like it.  Well, I liked it but I thought it could be better.  I wanted it fuller.   Since I had the 2 extra hula hoops I decided to make a second tier.  I cut 18″ off the second hula hoop and re-connected it {there is a connecter inside the hula hoop and I just reused that}  I wish I would of thought of this two tier method before I started the first tier, but you can learn from my mistake.

two hula hoops

On the second hula hoop, I wrapped it in red electrical tape since I was all out of the glittery ribbon. Electrical tape was much faster and way easier to navigate around the hoop.  I then attached the smaller hula hoop to the larger one in 4 areas, top, bottom and each side, using craft wire.  Unless you are only going to do one tier, I would recommend attaching the two hoops before you attach any ornaments.  Doing it with the ornaments on the first tier like I did, makes it much harder.

Second hula hoop

Then I proceeded the same process as I did for the first hula hoop on the second hoop.  I glued the ornaments where they laid on the smaller hoop like I did for the first tier, but also added some additional support by attaching floral wire to the strand and hoop areas as well.  {no pictures of that step, sorry}

Doing that second tier made it so much fuller, exactly what I wanted

Hula Hoop Ornament Wreath

The scale of the wreaths work perfectly next to our large nutcrackers

Hula hoop ornament wreaths

Glad I stuck with it and didn’t get discouraged because I see us using these wreaths for many Christmas seasons to come.  How’s your Christmas decorating coming along?

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  1. What a fabulous idea! I love the oversized wreaths, your neighbors and friends must love them too, so cheery and colorful! Merry Christmas and thanks for the shout out! xo

  2. Beautiful! Clever idea to use the hoopla hoops.

  3. It looks great! I just made one of these too ( ) but didn’t have enough balls and wasn’t very happy with how mine turned out. I love how big and full your wreaths are!!

  4. That is stunning! I love the scale and fullness of it! Thank you for the tutorial. I would like to attempt one of these wreaths soon.

  5. wow! beautiful Stephanie! lots of hard work, but perfect for your doors! great tute! pinning!

  6. These look fantastic! What a labor of love…and fabulous results. 🙂

  7. These look so great! My ornament wreath is my favorite wreath of all time, they are so pretty and fun! 🙂

  8. Kelly@Corner of Main says:

    They turned out beautiful, and I love your festive front door. I can’t imagine how many ornaments you used!

    • Thanks Kelly! It makes me smile every time I walk through my front door. Using the plastic ornaments helped a lot on costs and makes it easier to buy in bulk. Plus being outside and on a door is safer than glass. Merry Christmas!

  9. As always, I am so impressed with the result and your perseverance in getting to the end result! They are beautiful and I love how inventive you (and your husband!) were with using the hoops!

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