Pretty ideas for storing jewelry & belts

I was shopping at a small boutique recently and noticed how pretty they displayed their jewelry and belts.   They used different style bowls and tiered containers making it look so pretty, I wanted to buy everything.  I thought it was such a good idea, I came home and used the same concept for my own jewelry and belts.

The first thing I got was this hanging thing at Homegoods, {don’t know what it is called}  I thought it would be a great way to hang my necklaces

Alternative Necklace holder

And it was.  Now they don’t get tangled and I can easily see what I have.

Then I found some pretty bowls in different sizes.  One for my watches {the thing I wear the most as you can see by how many I have}

Pretty way to store watches

and one for my bracelets

Pretty way to display bracelets

Then just for the fun of it, I added an Anthropologie bowl to my tray of lotions to hold a few nail polishes

Anthropologie Bowl

For my belts,  I picked up two of the these tiered stands at Homegoods.  It takes seconds to roll the belts and lay them into the tray.

Tiered stand for belts

Tiered Stand belt holder

I think the tiered tray for my belts is my favorite.  By having them in view like this, I can quickly choose which belt I want.

Here is one from Sav-on Crafts that looks similar to what I used

Tiered tray to use for belts

I think these trays and bowls from Urbanoutfitters would be great for the boutique look as wellGreat bowls to get that Boutique Closet Look

Or how fun would it be to use vintage bowls from Etsy, estate sales or thrift shopsUnique Vintage bowls for jewelry


The funny thing is, I don’t really wear a lot of jewelry, except for a watch and wedding ring.   I was hoping if I displayed my jewelry in a pretty boutique way, it might motivate me to wear more of it.  It didn’t. But I love that I can enjoy it more now with my boutique display rather than in a big old closed up jewelry box.  How do you store your jewelry and belts?

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  1. Your closet is already so glamorous…why not make it feel more like shopping every day? I love your idea. 🙂

  2. everything looks fabulous! I noticed your belt storage in the facebook post about your prints. 🙂 I remember we talked about this before (about you wanting jewelry storage, but that you didn’t wear a lot of jewelry)
    perfect solution!

  3. I love the vintage and unique bowls for jewelry! Thanks for sharing =)

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