Use the color wheel to move forward this new year

Pantone’s 2013 color of the year is emerald green.  I’m excited because I love jewel toned colors.   And when you look at green from a color psychology aspect for styling your home and your mood, it is considered a calming, refreshing color. Did you know that is why people waiting to appear on TV sit in “green rooms” to relax?  Interesting right?  Here are more interesting tid bits on color psychology.

Color Psychology: Style Your Room, Design Your Mood
So what is your color?  Are the colors in your wardrobe the same colors you use in your house?

Special thanks to for supplying this visualization.


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  1. Very interesting! I of course fall into the blue pile. 🙂 But my favorite color of tshirt is gray. I only own a few blue t’s. Green has never been a favorite color of mine, but I find it interesting about the “green” room. lol
    cool post Stephanie!

  2. Hum. I keep hearing about Emerald as being the color of the year, but I’m not so sure I would put it in my house! I am sure I’ll jump on the bandwagon soon enough.
    Right now our house is full of grays and blues.

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