Catalog crushing Crate and Barrel

Do you get a log of catalogs?  I know I do.  I try to look through each one, and when I do, I pin what I like to my Pinterest  Products I love board.  I used to save the catalogs and earmark the pages, but really, that is so 2010!  Pinterest allows me to organize and keep track of the items I love and put all those catalogs in the recycle bin once I’m done.  Clears the clutter, thank you Pinterest.  So I thought I would start sharing what I am crushing on in the variety of catalogs I frequently get. But before I do, please know that I am not getting compensated for showcasing these products.  I just thought I would pass on some of my favorite places to shop and the items I think are pin-worthy.

Today I will start with Crate and Barrel. We have a store here in San Diego, it has two stories and is full of wonderful displays.  One of the big ticket items that I have purchased from them is this media console

Crate and Barrel media consoleI used mine just as a console, but it would work very well for a media console. It has sliding doors on both sides for all your electronic equipment .

Crate & Barrel Console

I love the rustic-modern feel of this piece .   It really makes the console pop the way they used the reclaimed Peroba wood in the stacked horizontal design. Bringing in texture into a room is key, and this one fit the bill. Crate and Barrel, in my opinion, has one of the best variety of media consoles.  Their consoles have great texture. making them more interesting than other competitors, and they can be used in any style of decor.  I bought this console 5 years ago and it is still selling in their catalog.  Goes to show you that a well designed piece of furniture with exquisite style has staying power. Well worth the price.

But on to their current catalog and what I am crushing on now. Crate and Barrel isn’t just furniture, they have a great dining and entertaining department full of great design and function.

Like this reusable modeled restaurant-style takeout box

Take out boxes -to-go-container

Isn’t it cute? They look easily stackable and the lid looks to fit on tight as well.  I might be buying me some of these cuties.

I noticed in this Crate and Barrel catalog they have incorporated more than just showcasing their goods on a bunch of glossy pages.  They also put together some interesting information on what wine or beer glass works best for the different varieties that you may drink

How to choose the right beer glass for your variety of beerHow to choose the right wine glass


I had no idea a glass mattered that much, did you?  I’m not much of a wine drinker, more of a beer drinker, so I found the beer glass guide more interesting. They have guides on their site for coffeemakers, cocktail glasses knives and many more.

With Easter not too far away, I noticed more pastel colors showing up in their dishes and accessories.

Blue trending appliances and decor

Boheme bowlKitchen Aid MxerAqua Taper Candles, Clarity Blue Table Lamp

They also have a 3-d room designer on their website I want to try.  Those are always fun!  Overall I really enjoy reading the Crate and Barrel catalog.  They keep it interesting by giving great tips, showing you just enough of their products to make you want to check out the rest of their stuff either on their web site or in their stores.

Next catalog crush is Garnet Hill, some clothes and some decor items. What catalogs do you get that you love?

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  1. That is a cool console, but I love the artwork above it even more. Those take out containers are cute! Anyhow, how have you been?

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