Gold urchins

Gold urchins are popping up everywhere.  I first started noticing them styled on coffee tables and fell in love.

Brass urchin coffee table stylingvia Everyday Girl

The trend credit goes to Jonathan Adler.  They are actually wall sculptures which were originally made by C. Jeré in the 60’s along with other very sought after collectable varieties.

c Jere gold urchins

 Photo CasaSugar

Recently, Jonathan Adler partnered with the C. Jeré studio and reissued their most iconic mid-century designs. For $1250 you can get these signed and dated sculptures.

Jonathan Adler gold urchins

I don’t have anywhere to use them on a wall but I love how they look as a decorative accessory.

Brass urchin coffee table styling

via Style At Home

On a side note..I’ve been seeing coffee tables styled like this a lot lately.  Where the heck are you suppose to put your coffee?  Isn’t that why it’s called a coffee table? It looks pretty in a picture but it sure isn’t functional in my opinion.

I was so happy when I came upon a knock off version of the gold urchin locally.  I picked up one small gold urchin for $30.

Gold urchin

I just set my gold urchin on one of my side tables for now, until I find that perfect spot. {looks like I need to get a Channel book after looking at those two styled tables hehe} I’m already loving the visual texture it has.  I might go back and buy the other two sizes, I like how they look clustered together.Gold Urchins

When I brought my new gold urchin home, I asked my husband if he liked it.  He said “Heck yeah!  It reminds me of my new issue of New Scientist and the picture they have on their front cover”

Gold urchins

I had to snap a picture of the two. It is a perfect representation of who I am, an interior designer, and who my husband is, an inventor.  We see things so differently yet like the same things.

If  your loving the knock off version of the gold urchins and can’t find them locally, I found them on line at Furbish.

I also wanted to let you know that I been updating our family room. The family room was a sea of browns for 7 years, and now we have lightened it up with soft greys and blues. I can’t wait to show you how it turned out.  It’s a good before and after, and we all love those right?  The new colors give the whole room such a fresh new look.  Here is sneak preview

family room chairs with tufted ottoman

Greys and blues and lots of tufting and nail headssofa with nailheads Ottomans

You can always follow any new projects I’m working on my Facebook page.

So I’m curious,would you buy the gold urchins for your wall or to use as a decorative accessory?  Do you like the look of them or am I crazy?

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  1. Nothing against browns, but I’m loving your new colors! 🙂 LOVE, I say! urchins? not so much, but that’s just me, what do I know? lol
    funny about the magazine cover!!!
    I agree with the “busy” tables… although mine are busy too, but some would say “cluttered” with stuff. I live in my living room for sure.
    I sort of like the two table coffee table…hmmmm
    I think you should get the other two urchins. 😉

    • Thanks Gail! I didn’t realize how dark our family room really was with all the browns until we brought in the new colors. But hey, 7 years ago browns were in! Busy {cluttered} tables that are being used are good, but to have all that styled stuff on there 24/7 seems counter productive for what the table is meant for. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting the rest of the gold urchins, they are just such a fun accessory.

  2. Pretty! I love the gold with the blues and grays =) I am going to hop on over to your facebook page!

  3. Yes, I dig the urchin- I have two! And I really like your round upholstered ottoman!

  4. I love the gold urchins… I have a set of three that I bought last year; I have them sitting around (not on the walls). They are a fun way to add a little gold glam 😀

  5. Noticed you love Urchins. 🙂 Enjoy!

  6. Your husband’s “Heck yeah” is hilarious. Hah!

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