An elevator in our house

I used to shy away from admitting to people that we have an elevator in our home.  The reaction people usually have is, first shocked, and then a shaking of the head, as if we were too extravagant.  But my whole attitude changed when I read this article on Houzz, Home Elevators-A Rising Trend. I realized we aren’t the only ones who have an elevator in their home, it is actually becoming a very popular amenity. And the main reason people want to incorporate an elevator in their home? Because they want to be able to stay in their home for as long as possible as they come upon those aging years.  This was actually one of the reasons we put one in our home as well. Plus we have a 3 story home which is a lot of stairs, and with an elevator it makes it so much easier to move heavy things.

When it came to designing the inside of our elevator, I used the elevator at The Venetian in Las Vegas as my inspiration {this is the only picture I could find of the Venetian elevator, I have no clue who that guy is}

The Venetian Elevator in Las Vegas


I bumped up the design a little bit though.  I added the tufted mohair on the bottom panels, used a custom wood laser cut panel on the ceiling, and a gold leaf stenciled pattern on the inside of the doors.

Home elevator

Photograph taken by True Photography

Last year when my husband had major surgery on his leg and was unable to use the stairs for months, we were so thankful to have an elevator.  He wasn’t confined to one floor, it gave him the mobility to move around the whole house.  It made us realize that we are not getting any younger, and this elevator might just be the key for us to stay in our house longer.

And the funny thing is, it has recently come in handy for our 13 year old dog Sam.  He has arthritis in his back legs and he just can’t make it up the stairs when it is time to feed him.  In his mind he thinks he can, but it is the sadest thing to see when his hind legs go out as he is going up.  So one day I decided to try the elevator to bring him up to feed him.  He was a little scared at first, but now he just stands in front of the elevator waiting for the door to open.  He may be old, but he is still smart!

Here he is waiting for the elevator to open
ncluding an elevator because we have aging parents and because we want to be able to stay in our home for as long as possible IMG_5052

Once the doors open, he steps inside and stares at the other set of doors to open.  He hasn’t gotten down the concept that it isn’t instantaneous to the next floor.

Interior of a home elevator

Sam is pretty darn lucky to have such a stylish ride for his daily feedings.  I know down the road, my husband and I will be thankful as well when our tired and old bodies can’t make it up the stairs like Sam.  I no longer look at our elevator as extravagant, but a really smart decision we made in the building of our home.  What do you think, if you could, would you put an elevator in your home?



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  1. I think if we built a house that had more space we probably would consider it. Right now everything in our house, except for my craft room is on the first floor that we need to access. I did recently suffer an injury to my hip though and was unable to go up and down the stairs very much to tuck my kids in, so I know that later in life my craft area is going to have to either be moved to the living room or another room be built onto our ground floor if I become immobile for any reason.

    • Stacy, it is amazing how one injury can affect your daily life right? I am glad we had the room to put an elevator in, at least I know I will have access to my whole house when I have physical issues. Thanks for your input! It’s all so interesting to hear.

  2. Aww..That brought a tear to my eye, mostly because I love Sam! Such a great dog! 🙂 So dang smart still! That elevator helped me too when I visited after my hip surgery-I’m glad you shared this! 🙂

    • Thanks Cin! I’m sure it will come in handy in a couple of years for me too…well at the rate I am going down hill it seems like lol Oh Sam, what wouldn’t I do for my sweet dog Sam…

  3. My neighbor has an elevator (for just two floors) and her 3 boys sure had fun playing in it when they were young! 😀
    Lucky Sam! Too cute!

  4. Awe, your dog is so sweet, and the elevator is beautiful! I have a friend who has one in their house and I do remember thinking “WHAT?!” but it does make sense sometimes!

  5. i wish my house had an elevator, if only for my dog. he tore his ACL & hasn’t been able walk up the stairs. and at 115 pounds, i can’t carry him.

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