Navy blue tufted sofa

Back in October,  I decided the sofa in my office had to go.  It was pretty with all it’s curves and tone on tone damask, but not comfortable to lounge on. I have had my sights on replacing it with a navy blue tufted sofa for a long time, and I figured it was time to pull the trigger.

This is the only decent picture I could find of my old sofa. It’s  from years ago when we first moved in, before I found side table lamps.  That’s my daughter’s dog Daisy, she loves lounging on my sofa when she visits.

blue high arm sofa

I spend 80% of my time in my office when I am at home, either on the computer or lounging on the couch watching my shows. I would say it is my “woman cave”.

I had  the navy blue tufted sofa custom made, and I added a chaise lounge for you know…lounging. Oh and that tufting?  LOVE!.  And let me tell you, this sofa rocks my lounging world!  It is so darn comfy and soft.

Navy tufted sofa with pillows

I opted not to do a skirt like I had on my other sofa.  Instead, I had them frame the sofa on a wood base and then added brass nail heads.  Even though this room has a French feel to it, I wanted to add a more modern look to the sofa.  I only used the nail heads on the lower portion of the sofa, so that it wouldn’t be too modern.

Worlds Away tableNavy couch with nailheads

I have white wall-to-wall carpet in my office, {yeah, white, what as I thinking?} and it gets dirty fast.  When I saw these oak limed herringbone floors on Pinterest, I instantly wanted to rip out my white carpet and have them installed.

Herringbone oak wood floors

I even had a guy come out and measure and quote the room. But at the last minute I chickened out.  I just like the softness of the carpet through-out the whole room.

So plan “b” was to try putting an area rug under my sofa to help keep my white carpet cleaner.  I was so excited when I saw this 100% wool 8 x 10 blue geometric patterned rug at HomeGoods for $399. But that was before I got my new couch delivered.  Now that the new sofa and rug are in there, I am not going to keep it in there. Plus the darn rug keeps moving, looking all lumpy most of the time.  {as you can see in the pictures}.

Brass nail heads on a tufted couch

The scooped armrests on the new sofa are the bomb.  My old sofa had high rolled arms, which makes lounging really uncomfortable. {take it from me, I did a lot of lounging on that couch for 7 years and I could never get comfortable}

Blue velvet tufted sofa

I borrowed the Worlds Away coffee table from another room, it is too little for the space, but it will do for now.  I need a 30″ round and that is not an easy coffee table to find.

This is the wall across from my sofa.  My tv is behind those long cabinet doors.  I shut the doors just for you.  No need to show a silly tv.

Built in cabinet with ornate onlaysNavy Tufted sofa

Now that the new sofa is in the room, I need to make some changes.  Don’t know if I like my Dorothy Draper style chest with the new sofa.  That might have to go. And I think the blue shades on my table lamps are adding too much blue.  I might just add some trim to see if that helps, if not I will look for a more neutral shades.

Office table lamp

I have window treatments and accent chairs with the blue toile fabric that I love. It just goes with the style of the room, so I won’t be taking that pattern out.

Toile ValenceBlue Toile Chair

But I do want to add another color.  I am still on the fence, but I am leaning towards pops of fuchsia.

So here is the room without the blue rug. I like it much better don’t you?

Blue tufted navy sofa

I also brought in two chairs from another room and moved the toile chairs back in front of my desk. Those side chairs are staying in my office for sure!  I pulled them in the room on a whim, just to see the scale and style, and they worked perfectly!  I have ordered that gorgeous Robert Allen fabric for pillows.  My start of adding fuchsia accents.

Antique Bergere chair with Robert Aleen Fabric

I would love to add a fuchsia over dyed rug.  But I think I would have to see one in person before I pull the trigger on that purchase.  I think they may go too purply if you get the wrong one

Fuchsia over dyed rugvia

As you can see, it is all a work in progress.  But I can guarantee that even without all the right decorative elements in the room, I am over the moon happy with my new navy tufted sofa.

Navy Blue Tufted Sofa can see where I put the blue geometric rug on my facebook page.  It works so much better in that room.

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  1. Stephanie Farrell says:

    The new sofa is GORGEOUS!!! Can you share who made it for you? Would love to check them out:)

  2. First of all, I LOVE YOUR SOFA. Seriously swoon-worthy, that piece. Secondly, I really like the blue shades; without the rug, it’s not too much blue and they pop beautifully against the walls. I also agree with you on the Dorothy Draper chest; it’s a little too bulky and heavy in the corner. Lastly, I think pops of fuchsia would look terrific. So, when can I come lounge? Haha!

  3. Beautiful!! Wowee!

  4. Can you source the sofa? Would love to have something very similar made.

    • I had the sofa made through a local upholsterer. I gave them the fabric and the Kravet Colby sofa as the inspiration. I added the chaise, seat tufting and nail heads to the design. Most good upholsterers can make any sofa or chair. Hope that helps!

  5. That might be the prettiest sofa I’ve ever seen 😉 love it!

  6. Stephanie–LOVE that sofa! the color is soooo sweet…and what’s NOT to love about the tufting! wow. great choice.
    although I loved the blue rug, you are right, it looks better without it. I think you need some “gold” trim on those lamp shades. hehehe 😉

    sure hope you’re having a great weekend!!

  7. OH….. I LOVE the new tufted sofa. I’m a sucker for anything tufted as well! It looks like you could lounge all day on it, and you probably should!

  8. Wow, that sofa is amazing!! Great design, looks so stylish and comfortable! I love your idea of adding fuchsia accents and that fabric is gorgeous! What a beautiful room – it must be so nice to be able to be comfortable while lounging in it now as well!

  9. Beautiful job! I’ve been looking for a navy velvet that isn’t too inky dark, but not too light. This looks PERFECT! Do you mind sharing the fabric selection? Would sooooo appreciate it!

  10. i cannot even describe how much i love your sofa. navy, tufting, with gold nail heads. that is my dream sofa. if you ever decide you don’t want it, i live in san diego and would give it a great home. 😉

  11. I’ve been looking for a goog upholsterer in the San Diego area for a while, would you be able to recommend the place you went to?

  12. What paint color are the walls? I have a blue couch like that and am looking for a perfect cream color for my walls. I love your “Parisian” look by the way.

    • Hi Brigit, the walls are a custom faux finish that is done in layers using a stippling technique with glazes. Wish I could of been more help for you to find your wall color.

  13. Hi. Could you please tell me what company made your sofa? I’m looking for a quality company to custom make a sofa for me and this one looks very sturdy and comfortable, not to mention lovely. Thanks.

  14. That is one awesome sofa! If you don’t mind my asking, how much did it cost to have done?

  15. Wow!! In Love every single room you do especially the way you balance every element in different rooms! Incredible sofa and walls! Love the toile blinds too everything looks impeccable!!
    Would you mind sharing where you got those classy lamps from as well as the toile blind fabric??

  16. Everything looks so gorgeous! Do you mind if I ask where you got the blue / white chairs and the navy lamps from?

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