Live edge coffee table

While cruising our local thrift shops and second hand stores I spotted this live edge piece of wood.  Live edge pieces are on trend right now, they are every where, so it caught my eye right away.

Live edge slab

It was so unique and so beautiful, but I had no clue I what I would do with it.  Since nothing came to mind, I reluctantly left the store without buying it.  But I couldn’t stop thinking of it’s beauty so I googled live edge furniture and BAM! This image popped up

It a beautiful contemporary coffee table from Sarabi Studio for $5,700.  That image was all I needed and I went back the next day and bought the live edge slab for $299 {thank goodness it was still there} and loaded it in my truck.  {this is the underside of the slab}

Live edge coffee table

I was clueless on how or where to buy the table legs like the inspiration picture.  After a lot of research and phone calls, I realized I would have to have the legs custom fabricated. I must say, the whole process was a learning curve for me. I thought the legs would be easy and inexpensive, but I was wrong.  I found out that making these type of table bases is labor intensive, and something that was out of my wheel house, so I had no choice but to pay the price.  It turned out to be probably 4 times more expensive than I thought it would be, but STILL not as close to expensive as the inspiration picture, thank goodness.

The first thing I did was to go to a local industrial metal supply store and buy two long stainless steel pieces for the legs.

Live edge slab with stainless steel

Then I brought the stainless steel to at a local metal fabrication shop.  I needed them to bend the stainless steel to form the curves for both legs.  I had to give them the exact measurements and bends, that was nerve racking since I had never done that before. When I picked the newly bent legs up from the metal fabricator, I checked to make sure my measuring was right, and phew they worked! Now I had to find someone to professionally  polish the stainless steel. {I YouTubed the process, and realized once again, this was not something I was equipped to do on my own}

Live edge slab with stainless steel

And wouldn’t you know it, I found a company locally.  Oh my gosh, going to this place was amazing!  They specialize in metal finishes, which had my head spinning.  Not only did they do polishing they also did brass plating, silver plating, chrome plating you name it!   I couldn’t believe how shiny they got the legs!  Once I got them home,  I had my husband attach the shiny new stainless steel legs to the live edge slab. I snapped this picture right after he did it, hence the wood shavings on the carpet.

Live edge slab with stainless steel

Ah, a perfect fit.  Now to seal the wood.  I gave it a good cleaning and used a brush on satin poly sealer.  Man!  I couldn’t believe how the sealer brought out all the beauty of the wood.

Live edge coffee table

This live edge slab is 4″ thick and has so many beautiful rings and depth to it, I’m even more in love than when I first saw it.

Live edge coffee table

Oh and the legs…they are PERFECT!  Just like the inspiration picture.  Pretty proud of that.

live edge coffee table with polished chrome base

ive edge coffee table with polished chrome base

It fits our game room perfectly don’t ya think?  A little bit of rustic with a splash of modern.

I took pictures of the finished live edge coffee table on the day I was watching my grandsons, so I didn’t have time to style the table.  Not that it really needs it, because the beauty is in the wood top, not the accessories that would cover it.

ive edge coffee table with polished chrome baseive edge coffee table with polished chrome base

Carter was entertaining himself while Hudson checked out the cool colors of the carpet

ive edge coffee table with polished chrome base

I am so happy I went back and got this live edge piece of wood.  I would of never thought this type of table would be the perfect addition to our game room, glad I took a chance and it paid off.

Live edge coffee table with a polished chrome base

Here is little tid bit about those two sofas.  I found them at our local thrift stores years ago.  They are called Cameleon sofas because the arms and backs pull out and are interchangeable or can be left out to make into a twin bed for guests.  Just like a cameleon :) I of course had them reupholstered after I got them, but I love the concept the company came up with.  Great for small apartment living when you need an extra bed for guests. And a live edge coffee table just fits in perfectly with their style, at least that what I think Hudson is thinking.

Live edge coffee tableSharing over at Gails Catch as Catch Can

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  1. I loved watching this process through instagram…and the work paid off! The table is stunning. All the styling you needed was those two darling boys. I know you loved having them with you!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! That is gorgeous, what a find, and of course you did an amazing job turning it into your coffee table!!

    • Thank you so much Pam! It was an amazing find! The store is called “Bargain Hunters” and it is owned by the German guy who is {was?} on the tv show Storage Wars. He gets in the best stuff!

  3. So gorgeous! I almost bought one at an auction last year. Fits your room perfectly

  4. wow, what a beauty! I’m happy that all the pieces came together and you were able to find the perfect resources to get the job done.
    Thanks for linking up and linking back to catch as catch can!


  5. wow! that is truly an amazing piece, i am so glad you followed through with your vision even though it was more costly than you thought.

    • Thanks for the sweet comment on my live edge table! Yes, it was more expensive than I wish it would of been, but it’s a keeper so in the end it is all worth it :)

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