DIY curly hairpin brass bench

When I saw this curly hairpin brass stool on One Kings Lane I was in love.  Curly hairpin brass stoolBut not with the price, $999.  I instantly had this motivation to make my own, and I knew I could make it for a lot less money.

I went on line and ordered these brass hairpin legs on Etsy for $140 including shipping

brass hairpin legs

I already had a curly hair lambs pillow from West Elm that I bought 3 years ago

Lambs wool pillow

But the pillow was 14″ x 36″. I didn’t want to buy another pillow, and 14″ wasn’t wide enough to make a round stool, so I decided to make a bench instead.  And I must say, it was easy to make, and I love the way it turned out.

Curly brass hairpin bench

And the cost for me to make it was only $140!  Only because I  already had the curly lamb pillow and all the other supplies, but even if I had to buy everything, it would of been $339. A lot less than the $999 OKL wanted.

How I made my curly hairpin brass bench

I had my husband cut a piece of plywood we had laying around to 13 1/2″  x  36″. {I chose 13 1/2″ to accomadte the thickness of the foam} I attached the legs with wood screws placing them in one inch from the corners.

Curly hairpin brass stool

Curly hairpin brass stool

Curly hairpin brass bench

I attached 1″ foam to the top of the bench using spray adhesive

attaching foam to make a bench

and then I wrapped batting over the foam

Curly hairpin brass stool

I took my curly lambs wool pillow, turned it over and cut out a rectangle on the back fabric.  My idea was to use the pillow like a slipcover. And it worked. The one side where the zipper was, I just cut along that line, leaving one side of the zipper on the cut.  I made slits on the corners so that the pillow cover would slip over the wood easier and not rip.

Curly lambs wool pillow

Then I slipped the cover over the bench, making sure the top of the pillow lined up with the top of the foam. This step took some creative maneuvering because it was a tight fit. but once I had it on there it fit like a glove.  I then pulled the white fabric part down under the bench and stapled it down

Curly hairpin brass bench

Here is a close up picture to show you how the white fabric wraps around the foam. I held the lambs wool up in order to get the close up.  You don’t see the white part what so ever on the bench because the curly lambs wool hangs over the edges.

Curly brass hairpin bench

I cut the fabric around the legs once I got the majority of the staples done.  I didn’t want to chance cutting too much fabric {I’m known for that}

Curly hairpin brass stool-10

I even went as far as to find some white fabric to staple over the raw edges {this wasn’t necessary, I just like the finished look even if you can’t see it}

Curly hairpin brass stool-11

Seriously, this bench took me about a half an hour from start to finish.  It was that easy.

Curly brass hairpin bench


Curly brass hairpin bench-16

Curly brass hairpin bench

This same tutorial would work for a round stool and would run you about $230 to DIY.  I know that seems like a lot for a stool, but it is lambs wool, which isn’t cheap, nor is brass.  But the stool is so glamorous and sexy, I think it is worth it.DIY curly hairpin brass stoolTo make the round stool, you would need four 16″ h hairpin legs, a 16″ square lambs wool pillow, and a 15″ round pine wood, which you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes, 1″ foam and batting. Then follow my instructions that I used for the bench.  Easy peasy. And if you wanted to save even more money, you could buy the hairpin legs in steal and spray them gold.

If you are not into making a curly hairpin brass stool, Furz11 on Etsy sells this one for $469.  It’s about $239 more than a DIY version but not as steep as the OKL stool. I am thinking I might make another bench and move them to another room.  That’s how much I am in love with these benches.  So are you tempted to make one?

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  1. beautiful job Stephanie, and a great tutorial! 🙂


  2. Nice! Did you get the legs from somewhere like and paint them gold, or did them come like that?

  3. Yikes, $999?? Yours is even better for a fraction of the cost! Well done; it turned out super cute!

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