DIY barn door headboard

I seem to make a lot of headboards for family and friends. Usually they are upholstered, so when my daughter sent me a link for this barn door headboard she loved, I instantly wanted to make her one. I like to try new things, so why not?

barn door headboard

And lucky for me, Little Yellow Barn gave a great tutorial on how she made. it.  So I drug my husband off to HomeDepot to get the supplies. But instead of using regular wood, we decided to use cedar tongue and groove just to make the project easier.  It was more expensive to go with the cedar, but we were ok with that.  It made assembling the headboard so much faster

tongue and groove cedarThe inspiration barn door headboard was a king and very tall so we adjusted the size to fit a queen and took 2 feet off the height.  We bought 18 boards which was a perfect amount to make a 65′ w x 72″ tall.

Barn door headboard with lights

For the two outside boards and the three cross bars we {my husband} cut off the tongue and groove.  We also screwed the boards from behind so that that they wouldn’t show on the front.


Then I stained it with Minwax Express pecan stain

Barn door headboard with lights-6

It was too orange/red for me so I used a Minwax grey stain over the pecan.

Barn door headboard with lights

It really warmed up the wood and gave it a little more aged look like an old barn door

Barn door headboard with lights

Then my husband cut the “X” cross beams.  To make the “X” it is six mitre cuts, and those aren’t my husbands favorite kind of cuts to make. So we opted not to do the bottom with an “X” because no one will see it anyways once the mattress is against it. {as you can see in this picture I hadn’t put the gray stain on the bottom half}

Barn door headboard with lights

I wish I would of stained the “X” boards before we put them on the headboard.  That would of been a lot easier.  Once the headboard was all assembled and stained, we drilled holes for the lights.

Barn door headboard with lights

I got these table lamps from World Market on clearance for $20.  I then gave them to my husband who worked his magic and added a switch and a longer cord on each of them.  He’s so smart with that kind of stuff.  Each light has it’s own plug that comes out from behind the headboard
Barndoor headboard with lights-11

I haven’t delivered the headboard to my daughter yet, but she has seen the pictures and loves it. Once she gets it into her bedroom, I will come back and add the pictures.

Barn door headboard with lights

It feels good to have a new style of DIY headboard under my belt. But I couldn’t of done this project without my husband’s skills and his tools. Thank goodness he is a good sport when I tell him I need his help when I have a project I want to get done. It was a team effort to make this barn door headboard, and I am so happy with the way it turned out.

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  1. LOVE it! y’all make a fabulous team! 🙂

    using the tongue and groove boards was really smart. The headboard and the light fixtures are a perfect match, and I love how the gray toned it down!


  2. Does your daughter know how lucky she is to have a mom that is so clever and talented? Your version of the barn doors headboard is fabulous – love the red lights. Can’t wait to see it in the room.

  3. It’s fantastic! I can’t wait to see it all set up. You guys did such a great job! What nice parents 😉

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