Two toned walls

I have done two toned walls in various rooms over the years.  It is a simple way to add a little extra personality to a room without breaking the bank. I did a version of a two toned wall in my grandson Carter’s nursery a couple of years back, but added blue stripes to the upper white portion.


two toned walls

I recently pinned this two toned pink and white room from HomeLife

two toned walls 2

After seeing this room, it gave me the itch to do another two toned wall again.  So when I had the painters here painting the guesthouse, I had them paint the walls two-tone in one of the bedrooms.  I chose my colors based on this cool photograph I purchased on Etsy


I used Sherwin Williams Frostwork and Marshmallow

Sherwin WilliamsI had them do the Frostwork about two thirds of the way up the wall, and the Marshmallow on the remaining third.  They painted the Frostwork first, and then used blue tape to mask off the area for the Marshmallow.  {here is a snapshot of the progress I took with my cell phone}

two toned walls

The molding in the room was already Swiss Coffee, so even though the Marshmallow was white, it wasn’t the same white as the molding, which gave it a nice contrast. The room isn’t done yet, I am having a roman shade and the bedskirts made, which hopefully will be done next week.  I still need to add some pizzaz to the bedding pillows and accessorize the chest. But here is how it looks so far with the two toned painting completed and the Etsy picture hung

Two toned walls

I think I got the colors spot on if I don’t say so myself LOL. Even though this room already has tall ceilings, painting the top part of the wall lighter makes the room look even longer

two toned walls

I was searching and searching for a white dresser to go in between the twin beds for months.  Then I came across this Bungalow 5 chest at a consignment shop on a whim.  I love when that happens!

two toned walls

There are all kinds of great inspiration pictures on the internet for two-toned walls.  I love that it is affordable, {it’s just paint} easy to do, and unique way to jazz up a room

Two toned walls examplessources Cococozy    Brother vs Brother   Allfortheboys

Personally, I am tired of seeing vertical and horizontal stripes on walls {oh and chevron walls too}, it’s been way over done and hopefully on it’s way out..{IMO}.  I think the next trend should be to step it up a notch and start using geometric two-toned patterns {I’m really loving this idea…it’s going on my to do list. What room I don’t know, but I’m gonna do it!}

Geometric two toned walls

sources Incorporated Weekdaycarnival

The first picture is a great idea for homes with super tall walls.  I know most homeowners never know what to do with them, I think this is a great solution. Oh, and aren’t those gray scallops so stinkin cute?  I’m telling ya, a little bit of paint, with some imagination can go a long way.

I hope to have the whole guesthouse finished next week.  {Well, I have to have it finished next week, I have family coming to stay!}

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  1. I LOVE what you did with the guest room – the paint IS perfect 🙂
    Great job. And that dresser…. lucky you – what a great find!!!

  2. ohhh, the room looks great! I love the photograph you put up.

    It’s amazing how different the room looks.

    great job Stephanie!


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