A guest bedroom makeover

Last time I shared this guest bedroom I wasn’t 100% finished.  So I thought I would show you the finishing touches I put in the room.  But before I do, I found these grainy before pictures.  The room had a country feel to it.  There was nothing wrong with the room, but I wanted to give it a fresher more modern look.

guest room before

It was hard to say goodbye to Miss Mustard Seed’s music dresser, but it just didn’t have enough drawer space for the guests

And here is the after

wake up seize the day go to bed repeat

Much fresher right?  It was my sister’s idea to put a vinyl wall quote on the wall above the beds, good idea sista!  I used my silhouette machine to cut out the saying. The two toned paint, new bedding and window coverings really brighten up the room. I was hesitant to change out the balloon shade window covering because it was motorized. But it had been over 12 years since it first went up, and it was so visually heavy in the room

guest room before

So I bit the bullet and had the drapery guy make me a motorized roman shade.  Going from a balloon to a roman shade really streamlined the look of the room, well worth the money spent. And being that I got the fabric at Joann’s with a coupon, I was able to keep the materials cost down

motorized roman shade-2

motorized roman shade

I also had them make me lined bedskirts using Martha Stewart sheets. The quilt is from West Elm

west elm bedding

I brought my DIY curly lambswool hairpin bench into the room and I loved it, but I need two.  So I ordered another curly lambs wool pillow from West Elm and another set of legs from Refrom Brass on Etsy and made second one to match.  The new pillow was a little whiter and less curly than the original one I made.  It’s not a huge difference, but I can tell.

DIY curly lambs wool hairpin bench

See that woven textile wall hanging? Can I just say I’m in love with it?  Here, look at it up close

aqua woven texile wall hanging

The texture and colors are perfect for the room.  It was if the Etsy seller Habit Studio made it custom for me

aqua woven texile wall hanging

I’m trying out air plants.  It amazes me that they don’t require dirt and just sit inside any vessel.  Air plants are suppose to be low maintenance but I have already drowned two of them, oops.

air plants

The other side of the guest room has a basic Ikea bookcase tucked in the corner to hold a tv and my grandsons toys.  I would of loved to of changed out the drapes to a white fabric, but they are motorized as well and I just couldn’t justify the expense

ikea bookcase

It is not the prettiest bookcase, but I’m hoping that the patio view distracts the guest from noticing {although the more I look at this picture the more it bugs me, so I am sure I’ll be either dressing it up or finding something a little more stylish}

Patio view

I got all my finishing touches done in the guest bedroom just in the nick of time before our family arrived.  It was fun to see their reaction to the new design, they come and stay with us every year, so they know the room well. Thankfully they loved the new look.

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  1. I love the new look also! you’ve done such a beautiful job Stephanie!
    I think the book shelf needs some trim at the top, similar to the valance over the doors? But what the heck do I know?

    pretty room!

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