S’mores bar, root beer float station and more

I wanted to make my husbands 75th birthday party very special, especially since he has never had a party in his whole life..{what?? that is crazy right?}  So in between all the chaos of getting our property ready for the guests and The Mavericks concert, I got cre8tive. I am happy to report he was over whelmed and very touched when he saw the all the details I did for the party. That was the reaction I was hoping for and made it worth it.

For the pre-concert party we rented the tables, chairs, and linens and hired a catering company for the food. It’s always a mad dash to put everything out right before the party starts, so in the rush of things I didn’t get any pictures taken with a real camera, only my iPhone. I also wish I would of had more time to finish off the look of what I was trying to achieve, but it is what it is.  No one noticed but me.  This is a jammed packed post of  all the DIY projects I did.

For the dessert table, I bought mini mason jars and had a pastry chef fill them with my husband’s favorite desserts.  Bread pudding, cherry pie and pecan pie.  I used the cut and print tool on my Silhouette machine to make the lid labels and the tags

Mini dessert mason jars

Mini dessert cherry pie mason jars

Mini desserts pecan pie mason jars

Aren’t those spoons I bought from a shop on Etsy  really cute?  I love shopping on Etsy for parties.  Everyone is always so accommodating and give such great service and products.  I also bought these chocolate record lollipops from Sparklesbaby on Etsy.  Cher, the shop owner was a peach to work with, she even custom made the tags!  I used a plain piece of wood and drilled holes in it to hold the lollipops. {copied that from Starbucks when I saw how they display their cake pops}Chocolate lollipopsChocolate record lollipops

Then I finished off the dessert table with filled jars of my husband’s favorite candy bars, Butterfingers, Paydays and Peppermint pattiesdessert table-2

In hind sight I realized I made a major mistake the way I displayed the mason jars.  When the party was over, I only ended up with about 40 of the 96 jars I started with.  I think a lot of the guests thought they were made to be taken home, because half of us {including my husband} didn’t get to try a single one.  Once everyone started leaving, the jars were gone.  So next time, I am going to put a basket next to the jars that says “place empty jars here”.  Oh well, live and learn.

I set up a s’mores bar around our fire pit.  I again used my Silhouette machine to make the labels for the jars.  S'mores marshmallow jarsI purchased the flavored marshmallows from SweetAddict on Etsy.  I have ordered marshmallows from her for the past 2 years for my hot chocolate station at Christmas, they are that good.  Then I gave the guests choices of white, dark or milk chocolate bars {man this set up could of been so much cuter!  I just ran out of time…sigh}S'mores bar with flavored marshmallowsI added these tags to the skewers and put them in a bucket next to the fire pit.  This whole idea was a HUGE hit with the guests.  I would definitely do a s’mores bar again.

Fun Marshmallow Roasting SkewersSmores signI hung the sign from a shepherds hook to direct the guest to the s’mores barS'mores bar with flavored marshmallows-2My husband’s favorite drink is root beer.  So I decided to make a root beer float station.  Mainly because I had seen a canopy on Pinterest that I loved and wanted to incorporate one into the party.  But there were no instructions and it was a dead end link, so I decided to figure it out on my own. That didn’t go so well..in the process I realized I am not a carpenter.  I had all the wood pieces cut at HomeDepot, but putting it together was challenging.  So I had to ask my husband to step in.  He didn’t know what it was exactly for, but knew it was for the party.  He put it together effortlessly, thank goodness. I used white canvas cloth and painted blue stripes with acrylic paint from Michaels, then rounded the edges using a bowl as my template.  Painting stripes on canvasWhen the wood structure was done, I just stapled it on to the wood.  Here it is all done waiting to for the party.  What’s nice about this canopy, is that it just sits on top of any 6 foot table.

Root beer float canopy

And in it’s place at the party before getting it all set up
Root beer float blue and white canopyI made a root beer float sign using my Silhouette machine and adhesive back vinylRoot Beer Float signThis was one of my most proudest DIY.  I love when you have a vision of how something is going to turn out and it actually does!  The only thing I wasn’t able to do in my canopy design was  to make the canopy collapsable.  Luckily we have the room to store it, so I can use it again for another party.  I can’t decide if I should do a tutorial on how I made it, anyone want me to?  This is the only decent picture I have of the root beer float station all set up.  {sorry about the random lady in the picture lol}  **Edited**  Click this link for the instructions on how I made the tabletop canopy.Root beer float station

For the centerpieces on the tables I kept it simple.  He is a guy, and I didn’t want it to be all frilly with flowers. I used “money tree” plants and containers from Ikea.  Simple but nice.  LP records used as chargersThe balloon situation was a bust.  Evidently there is a shortage of helium and so I wasn’t able to get already filled balloons.  So my daughter Tiffany and her friend spent 2 hours using a store bought helium tank filling balloons.  Yeah, they lasted about a 1/2 hour!  Such a waste of time and money.  I really wanted those balloons to add height to the tables, but in the end we just yanked them off because they were totally dead.  Bummer.Ikea plant centerpieceLuckily I had made I chargers for the tables using old LP records I got from the thrift shop. Having those made it less noticeable that the balloons were flat.  I made the custom center label with of course my Silhouette machine.  Man I love that machine!  It’s addicting I tell ya!  My daughter Tiffany did a fun crossword puzzle with questions about her Dad that we put under the LP’scustom LP chargers

I never do a party without making water bottle labels and this was no exception.  I use white conact paper and run it through my printer and then cut them out with what else but my Silhouette machine!Water bottle labelsI think I ended up doing like 200 of them…thank goodness for my DVR and multitaskingCustom water bottlesI put them in a big tin and with a banner hanging on the outsidebanner for watersThe one thing my husband liked the best out of everything I did, was this “75”  photo collage made from pictures of his life.  He actually got teary eyed when he first saw it.75th birthday picture collageI have to thank my sister and brother-n-law for helping me with the “75” photo collage.  I didn’t want my husband to see it, so I took the frame and all the black and white pictures over to their house and they put the pictures on for me. My sister put a lot of effort in to making sure it started with his youth and ended in the current year.  She took her job seriously and it was very much appreciated!

To make the party memorable, I rented a photo booth from The Traveling Photo Booth.  Traveling Photo BoothI didn’t get a picture of it in place, but I set it up on the putting green like thisPhoto Booth

I designed and printed out signs in Power Point and hung them from the flag holders that catch the balls.  Photo Booth fun!

Each guest gets a copy of their picture and they put another copy in a guest book for us to keep.  Photo Booth fun!The whole party was a spectacular, fun and memorable event for my husband, something he will never forget.  But I am glad it is over and we can now get back to regular life.

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  1. wow! it all looks amazing! i love all the little details. you did an incredible job and he is so lucky to have you!

  2. Stephanie!!! This is AMAZING, you know I love all your touches and thoughtful details! What an incredible gesture, the best gift of all, I’m sure!

  3. Amazing! You rock Stephanie! You put a lot of work into this party and I know “he” appreciates you. 🙂
    I love all the diy work you did with your Silhouette. I sure love mine too! You’re so cre8tive!

    LOVE, love, love the root beer float station. That canopy is so darn cute! The chargers were really great too.
    How fun that the guests got a copy of the pics and so did you!

    What a day to remember for your family and your guests!

  4. Great job Stephanie! I love that you did so much personally. It would have been easy to hire that all out and it is so special that you took the time to do it all yourself … and your details were GREAT. I know how much work that was … the party reminded me of the weddings we have done. We used the traveling photo booth for my daughter’s wedding – LOVED them! The root beer float canopy is my favorite.

  5. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says

    You are so so good at this hosting stuff!
    Ok, now I want to go and cut and print labels on my silhouette for some reason 😉

  6. Wow! Beautiful job! Great party! I have a large canopy set up that is just too high for our next party. I was just wondering what the measurements were of your tabletop canopy, if you wouldn’t mind sharing? And yes I think you should do a tutorial – this is gorgeous! Great party details!

  7. Juli the top of the canopy on the front was about 48″ and the back side was 60″. I made it so that even after I hung my scalloped canopy a person as tall as 6′ 2″ could stand in front of it. I think I will do a tutorial, it really is a fun thing to have for a party!

  8. I love the tabletop canopy you made and am going to attempt my own for a smores station for my wedding. Did you post a tutorial or do you have any additional information on where to start?
    Thanks so much!

  9. Could you tell me how you made the “75” Photo Collage? I’m trying to create one similar for my mom’s 80th birthday party

  10. love all your special touches , where did you buy the smores holders? I couldn’t find them on the “cre8tive designs” website

  11. Hi Stepahie, party looks like it was awesome! I’m interested in how the “75” photo collage was made also? Thanks

    • Hi Mari, I made the “75” by putting vinyl on a thin board that fit my frame. I used spray glue to attach the vinyl on the board. Then I traced out in chalk the “75” on the vinyl, and put the pictures inside the “75” using glue dots. Once that was done, I went back and added more chalk around the “75” to give it depth.

      • Thank You Stephanie, sounds easy enough….I’ll give it a try, I have until August to get it right;)

  12. Meloni Flickinger says

    Hi Stephanie! Very special party! I am planning a surprise 80th birthday party for my Dad and we are working on making an “80” picture collage like yours. You said you put vinyl on a thin board to fit your frame. What size frame did you use? What kind of “thin board” did you use and where did you get it? What kind of “vinyl” did you use? Sorry for all the questions…I just really like the look of yours. Thanks!


  13. Stephanie how did you make the frame for the canopy. I need to make one for a church Fall Festival.