Monster Truck Party

My grandson Carter turned three last week and he wanted another monster truck party.  Since this is what he had at his 2nd birthday my daughter and I had to get cre8tive and find new ideas for this year’s party.  Thank you Pinterest πŸ™‚  Although I also curse Pinterest because there are SO many ideas that you just want to make and do them all.  I’m an over-achiever, as is my daughter, so we got a lot of things done that I think are pretty stikin cute and not a repeat of last year.

Because my daughter Shannon moved to Wisconsin, last year I had to fly to attend Carter’s birthday. I decided to do a couple of monster truck party decorations at home and bring them with me. Again, thanks to Pinterest those couple of things turned into a lot.  So to add to the addiction we all have with Pinterest, I will show you what we came up with.  That way, other people can pin them and then get sucked in to the over-achievers club like me πŸ™‚

First I found these felt bags on clearance at Joann’s for .30 each.  What? That is crazy good.

Monster Truck Party Speed felt bags

I thought they would be great for the goodie bags.  So I brought them home and dressed them up a bit

Monster Truck Party goodie bag

With a little help from my Silhouette machine of course.  After I printed and cut out the tags, I glued some “racing stripe” ribbon on the bag and attached a button to tie them close

Monster Truck Party goodie bag

I made these Oreo Monster truck spare tire tags to go inside the goodie bags

Monster Truck Party Spare Tires

Once I got my Silhouette machine going I couldn’t stop making stuff. Seriously, I was on a roll.  I made some “fuel” water bottle labels {Printed them out with our laser printer using contact paper}

Monster Truck Party water bottle labels

We made a “refueling” drink table that also included juice boxes, adult beverages and lemonade, but I guess I didn’t get a picture of the whole table, oops!

Monster Truck Party refueling station

I love printing out flags on my Silhouette for parities,they are so easy and fast to do.  I print them on contact paper.  Monster Truck Party toothpick flags

We used them to decorate the fruit cars

Monster Truck Party fruit cars with flags

I used the print and cut feature for these “tools” utensil wrappers.  The funny thing is I wrapped them all before I left on my trip, and putting them in my suitcase was no easy task.  That was probably something I should of done once I got there..duh!  But they all made it one piece, no broken utensils, thank you SouthWest Airlines

Monster Truck Party Tools wrapper for utensil

Using the print and cut feature again {seriously I just learned how to do this last year and it is the bomb!} I made these “pit” passes.  I got the plastic sleeves from Office Depot

Monster Truck Party VIP Pit Pass

We added ribbon and their names to the tags.  The kids loved them.   You can see the monster truck piΓ±ata in this picture.  It isn’t the angle of my camera, that thing was tiny.  My daughter and I were laughing when she got it in the mail.  Oh well, the kids still enjoyed hitting it, even though they only got a couple of pieces of candy each since it didn’t hold that much.

Monster Truck Party Truck treats

Shannon ordered the cake locally.  It was super cute.

Monster Truck Party Monster truck cake

You can see  in the corner of the table in the above picture of my lame attempt to make sugar cookie stoplight cookies.  It was a fail.  I am not a baker, even with ready made dough. 

So after my failed attempt, I came up with the idea to make Rice Krispy stoplights instead. I went to the store and bought a couple of boxes of ready made Rice Krispy Treats. Stuck the red, yellow and green M & M’s on them, inserted a stick and ta da!

Monster Truck Party Rice Krispy Treat stop lights

Now, that is my kind of baking lol  I wrapped a foam rectangle with black and white plaid duck tape and inserted them into the foam.

We had some fun activities for the kids to do too.  We set up a “monster truck” racing course with some of Carter’s ride on toys and some of the kids brought their own.  I made a speed limit sign {of course it was a 3 because Carter was turning 3}Monster Truck Party Speed limit sign


Monster Truck Party Ride on car speed course

We had a race track board that I made in my hotel room after a visit to Lowes.  {yeah I will DIY anywhere} I used 4 strips of flat molding glued and screwed on to a wood board

DIY race track

I let the glue dry over night, and then cut black shelf liner for the road and used a paint pen for the lines. Super simple, my kind of DIY

Monster Truck Party DIY car track

I finally used my silhouette machine for cutting fabric and made monster truck t-shirts for both my grandsons to wear at the party.  It was super easy and I can’t wait to try it again.

Monster Truck t shirts

But I think the most adorable idea at the monster truck party was what Shannon did. She printed out black and white pictures of Carter from age 1, when he first started playing with trucks, up to age 3, and we hung them on a ribbon across the Easy Up.  It was hard to get a full shot of them so I took close ups

Monster Truck Party timeline banner

Monster Truck Party timeline banner-2

Monster Truck Party timeline banner-3

Such a cute idea right?  There is no denying Carter loves his trucks!  I also ordered these monster truck decorations from Amazon and had them sent directly to Shannon’s house. {side note, I recently signed up for Amazon Prime and I’ve gotta tell ya, your stuff gets there SO fast!}

monster truck party decor

Tire bowl  Orange cones Racing flags Start your engines Monster truck pinata Monster truck temp tatoos  Checkered flag pendant Monster Truck tire cups Checkered paper plates

I am just hoping that next year for his birthday he loves something new.  I don’t think I could do a monster truck party 3 years in a row πŸ™‚

Monster truck party ideas

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  1. Oh my gosh Stephanie, everything looks so great! What a fantastic grandma you are! πŸ™‚

    The boys are so lucky to have such a cre8tive grandma. heheheh

    That cut and print feature is on my last nerve! The last two times I tried to use it, my machines won’t even pull the mat in far enough to eve SEE the registration marks. I think it’s that stupid v3 that I updated. hmph!

    super party!


  2. Oh my goodness! Everything is just adorable! Want to come plan my son’s 2nd birthday? lol. πŸ˜‰

  3. This is so awesome!!! Everything you made. My son loves trucks as well, also Turing 3. I have a silhouette and can’t figure most of it out. gosh I wish you lived closer to give me a lesson! Awesome awesome work!!

  4. do you have a template you share for the “thanks for racing to my party favors” and “spare tire truck cookie”. they are so cute and I have been looking for something just like this for my little guys 3rd bday because he wants to do a monster truck party too. great job with all of your ideas and decorations.

    • I didn’t save any of the templates I did for my grandson’s party. But I will email you with some alternatives.

      • Is it too late to send me some of the templates too?? πŸ™‚

        First birthday coming up (truck themed) & I just bought a cricut to make decorations but it is all so new to me!!

        ADORABLE stuff!

        • I didn’t save the templates, but you could easily make them with your cricut. You Tube videos are the best way to learn how to use your machine fast. That is how I learned πŸ™‚

  5. Julie Davitt says


    This looks so cool! All of it! I would love templates for the spare tire oreo snack bag and the tag the for goodie bag, can you help? I want to send those for his school birthday party in December. Thanks!

    • Hi Julie, yes, I have the PDF’s for those. I will email you them. I wish I could figure out a way to insert them into this post for other readers to use…oh well.

  6. Mary Ellen Matulonis says

    I would love to have the spare tire file, if you have them! Having a Mister Truck Party for my grandson!!

  7. I’d love to have the PDF’s for those two templates as well! Super cute stuff. The Monster Truck theme will be lots of fun!

  8. Aloha Stephanie,

    I love your ideas and being creative to stay within a budget. Are you willing to share a pdf for the oreo snack bag? I’d like to use this in 2 weeks for my son’s birthday.

  9. Hello! Do you have the template you used for the shirts and the utensils? If so please send to I love your work! Currently planning my son’s 4th birthday party – he is a monster truck lover too!

  10. Hi! Love this idea! Is the template still available of the spare tire orea treat? would love that one! Please send to
    Thank you!!