Bathroom renovations

Now that I have shown you the renovations we did on the living room, office and kitchen, I thought I’d show you the two bathrooms that we remodeled.  The bathroom renovations were not too complicated, they mainly just needed updating.  Well I take that back..the master bathroom layout made the bathroom feel small, so that need to be changed.

dated master bath

There was an open doorway from the master bedroom to the vanity area, (if you look into the mirror you can see the wall opening)  The only door in the bathroom was to the toilet and shower area, which made the tiny shower area feel even tinnier.  First thing I did was to take out the wall to toilet/shower area, that made a huge difference!  We jack hammered the floor to move the toilet over, which in turn made the shower a little bigger.  And here it is finished

Master bath remodel

What a difference taking that wall out made!  We added a pocket door for the bathroom in the original opening from the master bedroom.

Pocket door into master bathroom

Plus taking out the vanity and adding a second sink made sense for a master bathroom

using a pocket door in a master bathroom

Notice the new flooring? {In case you forgot, I had the pleasure of replacing what I had originally put in, you can see that story here}  The new floor is a porcelain linen look tile, that has very little movement in it 🙂

linen look tile

The cabinets are Hadley Maple Square from Lowes.  I love the color don’t you?  It’s a dark gray/black. To get the high end look for the countertops, without the price tag, I bought pre-fab marble countertops that are similar in color to Calcutta marble.  What is a pre-fab countertop? The term is short for prefabricated.  Meaning, the stone is sold in a pre-cut specific length, usually 96″, and a width from 21″-24″.  The edge detail is usually simple, a bullnose or an eased edge. They are great for using in a bathroom, it’s an affordable alternative to buying a whole slab. But the only thing about pre-fab countertops is the edge detail, it is glued together, which I am not a fan of.

Jenny from Little Green Notebook has the glued edge in her bathroom on a beautiful stone countertop. She is such a phenomenal creative designer, so that goes to show you that there is nothing wrong with this edge detail, it is personal preference

Little green notebook

I personally like a seamless edge. And since the pre-fab countertops I bought came in a 24″ width, and I only needed 21″, it was enough leftover to have the fabricators cut off the glued edge and make a seamless edge

prefabricated countertop-2

The two mirrors are medicine cabinets from Restoration Hardware. The faucets are Pfister Carnegie in polished chrome. I mixed the finishes in this bathroom but you can’t even tell.  The faucets are polished chrome, the light fixtures and door hardware are polished nickel.  The two finishes are similar, so to the naked eye you can’t even tell the difference. The wall scones are from Horchow

Pfister faucets polished chrome

The sinks are under-mount by Kohler. I love the shape of them and they are a perfect size at 17 1/4″,  I use this sink in all my bath remodels

Master bath remodel-2-3

pre-fab countertops

In the new shower area, I put a frameless shower door, I love how it makes it so much more open now.   Using the porcelain tile all the way up to the ceiling makes the space feel bigger as well.

Frameless shower door

The herringbone pattern in the shower pan for what ever reason, does not have the movement feeling like the whole floor did, so we left that portion in tack.

herringbone shower floor

In the second bathroom, I kept the layout the same, and just updated the space with new cabinets, tile and fixtures.  Here is how it looked before

before bathroom

I used the same Restoration Hardware medicine cabinet for two reasons.  One, they have a flat unlimited delivery charge of $189, which when you buy one item it makes no sense, so I bought three. Number two, I just love the look and style of the medicine cabinet.  I love it so much that I just put one in my own house 🙂

Calcutta look porcelain tile in a shower

We took out the soffit that held the fluorescent light fixture, and put in recessed can lights and wall scones. The wall scones are from Restoration Hardware, but I got them on CL brand new for half the price.

Dark grey bathroom cabinets

I used the same Calcutta looking porcelain tile in the tub/shower as the master bathroom.  And the same pre-fab countertops with the seamless edge detail. Oh and I forget to mention that the pre-fab countertops come with a back splash in the price.  I paid $250 for each of the pre-fab pieces.  But then I had to pay the fabricator to do the edge detail I wanted, do the cutouts for the sink and faucet and install it.

Calcutta look porcelain tile in a shower


The house hasn’t sold yet..the feedback has been nothing but great reviews, and a lot of potential buyers are coming back 2 or 3 times to take another look. Which is frustrating because it gets our hopes up that they are really interested in putting an offer in, then they don’t. Last week I did a marathon staging for the house, to give potential buyers a better vision on how it would look with furniture in it. Being that it is in a 55 and older community, we have a smaller market for buyers, and they are just a tad bit pickier than what I had anticipated. I am hoping that all my hard work in the staging will pay off and we find a buyer soon!

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful transformation! I LOVE the mirrors and the faucets.

  2. the bathrooms look fabulous! Jamie asked me if I saw the staging… and I said no… then she said it must have been on IG. I’ll have to check it out.

    I hope THIS is the week! maybe the long holiday will be a time for someone who is visiting someone else to see and fall in love with your house!


  3. Absolutely gorgeous. I was proud of the work I’d done recently to remodel my bathroom…I’ve been appropriately humbled. I love the cabinetry and the limited color palette. Really gives a delicacy and a brightness to the decor selections. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Can you share more about how the fabricator made the seamless edge? Did he bevel the edges and glue the two pieces together? I had no idea this was an option with pre-fab. I too hate the glued look 🙂

  5. Hi There! Beautiful renovation! We are currently redoing our Master bath and ordering the same medicine cabinet from RH. Which finish is this? Maybe the Taupe? They are currently on sale (being discontinued), but it depends on the finish. Thanks!

    • Hello, thanks for the compliment on the bathroom renovation. It is the taupe color. But honestly you can paint them any color you want. I purchased the white one for another project and ended up spray painting it a brighter white. It wasn’t difficult at all. The only draw back is the shipping charges..$189. It’s unlimited shipping for one price, but if you only have one item it’s not worth it.

  6. Where are the lighting sconces from in the master bathroom? I really want some similar in our bathroom that we are redoing

  7. Where do you find the prefab countertops? Can you tell us what the countertops of that size and the fabricating costs for the sinks and edge cost?

    • I purchased the pre-fab countertops from a local company in San Diego called Tosca. I buy pre-fabs from another company locally called Rainbow Stone. The pre-fab countertops run from $250-$300 each from these companies. They come with a finished eased edge, and the cost for fabrication of cutting the sink hole, faucet hole and install runs about $300 each. If you use a fabrication company that specializes in custom installs, which I did with these pre-fab countertops, it will run you about double that to get a seamless edge, fabrication and install. Hope that helps!

    • The scones are from Horchow. They are called the Monroe wall sconce.

  8. Monica Geistwhite says

    This bathroom makeover is beautiful. I too love the Monroe wall sconces. So Candice Olson……. 🙂 Can you tell me if they provide enough lighting by themselves? They seem like they would be more ambient as opposed to task (hair and makeup) lighting. Love seeing a remodel that is achievable for the average homeowner.

    • LOL Monica, I am such a fan of Candice Olson! I even went to the Las Vegas Mart years ago and stood in line for a picture and a book signing. I still have that picture! I guess her influence comes through my design. But yes, the lights are more ambient than task. I always install can lights over the sink area in the ceiling for task lighting. But I like the ambient lighting for when you just want to brush your teeth or need a pathway light to the toilet..{did I just say that?}