Getting the most out of a golf course view

This house has the most beautiful golf course view.  But half of the view was hidden by these weird cumbersome metal shades.  What is even weirder, is that they only went half way down…I guess they were only meant to block the setting sun.  Anyway, they were one of the first things to go when I started the remodel

Golf course view

The bars on the windows were also taken off

Before exterior patio

Notice the putt-putt carpet?  Yeah we took that out and boy was it EVER a pain in the rear to do! That glue does not want to come off easily

Golf course view

All the windows got replaced with retro fitted windows, which made a HUGE difference.  And here is the patio all freshened up.  Wow, what a difference!

adding wood to columns on a patio

I ended up putting carpet back down on the patio.  That glue just wasn’t coming off, and the soft feel of the carpet was nice…I felt that the green putt putt color was throwing the whole look off.  So I went with more of a neutral color outdoor carpet, a light brown.  I purchased the outdoor carpet at Home Depot right off the roll in the store. It was funny, I found out that not all the Home Depot’s carry the same carpet. It took me a couple of stores before I found the right size and color.  The skinny columns got wrapped in wood and we added detail at the top and bottom to give them some dimension.  It’s a quick and easy way to beef up a column without breaking the bank.

wrapping wood to simple columns on a patio

Isn’t that view beautiful?  I loved sitting out there during the remodel and watching the golfers.  I came to realize, most golfers aren’t that good, and it is more of a social thing than a game.

The view from inside the kitchen window is my favorite

Farm house sink with a view

When you are doing so much remodeling on the inside of a house, it leaves very little in the budget for the exterior.  It would of been nice to get new front doors, but they are expensive to replace, I needed to find a way to update the existing doors to save some money.

Before front door entrance

I decided to work with what I had, and so we took off the small panel molding and replaced it with larger simple panel molding.  And just by doing that simple trick, it instantly updated the doors. We painted the door and trim in Sherwin Williams Iron Ore.  I kept the original 70’s hardware because I thought it was so cool.  I also kept the 70’s glass.  It didn’t look so dated once we updated the door panels.  {plus it saved me some money}

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

That cute Hello door mat is from Target.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

To brighten up the entrance, we painted the underside of the eaves the same cream color as the house.  It felt like such a cave before when it was painted brown, now with the cream paint, it is more light and airy

Painting under the eaves cream to brighten up the entrance

The before of the outside
before of the exterior

And the after with some new paint on the trim.  Not a huge transformation, but a fresher look.

exterior after with Iron Ore

I have spoken to the new owners a couple of times since they moved in , and they go on and on about how beautiful the house is and how they love living there.  Awe, that just makes it all worth it!

I can’t wait to sit down and write my next post, it’s a remodel I started right when I was in the middle of this one. {that wasn’t such a good idea by the way} It is up in Los Angeles, and it gave me a RUN for my money like not other house I have remodeled.

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  1. This looks really great! Did you put down new tile in front of the front door? Great idea on changing the molding! Karen

    • Oh my gosh Karen, I totally forgot to include that! Yes, I took the tile from the inside, the porcelain wood plank tile, and put it on the front porch. They had the putt putt green carpet out there before.

  2. First, I can’t WAIT to hear about tne next one!!! I want to hear all about it AND see pictures!!!

    that view from the kitchen window is awesome. Wouldn’t you be afraid of flying balls? Maybe that’s why the shades were there? lol

    The curb appeal is so much better, must using that cream paint and the landscaping.

    another great job Stephanie!