Getting the most out of a golf course view

This house has the most beautiful golf course view.  But half of the view was hidden by these weird cumbersome metal shades.  What is even weirder, is that they only went half way down...I guess they were only meant to block the … [read more]

Master bath remodel

The master bath in this house was in good shape, but like the other bathroom it just needed updating.  But before I get to the master bath area, I want to talk about the master closet that sits behind the vanity. The closet had tall-mirrored sliding … [read more]

Bathroom remodel

Buying vanities for a bathroom remodel can get pricey, so I am always on the hunt for a great deal.  And when Restoration Hardware sent out a 33% off coupon to all their customers to settle a class action lawsuit last year, it was a no brainer to use … [read more]

Creating a laundry room

It's essential to any home to have some type of a laundry room. Even if it's a laundry closet, it just makes doing laundry more manageable. When I first looked at this house to fix up, I could not believe the space that was provided for a "laundry … [read more]

70’s kitchen remodel

This 70's kitchen was desperate to come alive and open up to the rest of the house.  It was a no brainer that this kitchen needed a remodel.  See, back in the 70's when this house was built, the trend was to make every room separate from each other. … [read more]

How to make marble artwork inexpensively

Before I move on to the kitchen post on the flip house, I wanted to share a quick DIY on how I made the marble artwork in the living room I hung over the sofa. I came up with this marble artwork DIY  last year for my daughter's house.  Here is … [read more]

A 70’s house remodel

This blog has been quiet for a while, but I thought I'd dust it off and share my latest project.  I just finished a 70's house remodel and the transformation is pretty amazing. It is what has been consuming all my time for the last 3 months. And now … [read more]

How to hide a flat screen tv with artwork

I like a tv in a bedroom.  But I don't like decorating around a big black box. I've always wanted to try and hide a flat screen tv with artwork, but I didn't really know how I would execute it.  I finally found a way to do it, but it … [read more]

Staging a house to sell

When we put the flip house on the market, I figuered that the best way to show it was to leave it empty.  I wanted the buyers to see what they were getting for their money, all the beautiful finishes that make the house.  So this is … [read more]

Bathroom renovations

Now that I have shown you the renovations we did on the living room, office and kitchen, I thought I'd show you the two bathrooms that we remodeled.  The bathroom renovations were not too complicated, they mainly just needed … [read more]