Bathroom renovations

Now that I have shown you the renovations we did on the living room, office and kitchen, I thought I'd show you the two bathrooms that we remodeled.  The bathroom renovations were not too complicated, they mainly just needed updating.  Well I take … [read more]

Kitchen remodel using Lowes Cabinets

The kitchen remodel at the flip house probably has the most dramatic change compared to the rest of the house.  Remember what it looked like before? It had nothing going for it. Popcorn ceilings, dropped soffit, a HUGE hood smack in the middle … [read more]

Thrift shop repurposed artwork

I'm pretty excited to show you a DIY thrift shop repurposed artwork I recently did. My daughter Shannon moved into a new house 6 months ago and is slowly making it a home.  I have been helping her via texting and a few trips to her house {she is 3 … [read more]

Making an entrance at the flip house

Well the flip house is officially on the market.  It took a little longer than I expected due to the tile debacle, but that is how it goes in the remodeling world.  I haven't been very good at posting updates here on the blog, but if you follow me on … [read more]

When tile goes wrong

Well, the flip house is getting close to being done...but not really.  We have had some a major blunders in the tile department. Which I will explain in a minute. The good news is,  we have made progress on the 92 square foot office.  Remember it was … [read more]

What is Polypropylene carpet?

On my to do list on the house I am flipping, is to replace the carpets in the bedrooms. I haven't bought carpet in years, mainly because hardwood floors are usually my go to for flooring. And since I have been spending a lot of time at the big box … [read more]

Flipping a house again

Since we sold the last house that I remodeled, I couldn't wait to do another one.  And lucky for me, the wait wasn't too long.  We closed escrow on a house on March 31, so I am flipping a house again! It's really something I enjoy, so I am pretty … [read more]

Lace and crochet embroidery hoops

Here is a quick tutorial on how I made the lace and crochet hoops for my daughter's baby shower. I first saw the idea on Pinterest from a wedding I bought various sized hoops, from 3" up to 15".  I scoured thrift shops, estate sales and … [read more]

Rustic buckaroo baby shower

My daughter Tara is having a baby boy at the end of April.  She is a country girl at heart, and loves the rustic look.  So we combined her two favorites, and came up with a rustic buckaroo baby shower With the help of her sisters, we gave her … [read more]

Designing a tiny bathroom

The master bedroom in the rental renovation has a tiny bathroom.  As I had mentioned before here, it was a total gut, and took a lot of thought on my part as to how to make this tiny bathroom functional, and feel bigger. I must say, {patting myself … [read more]